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Wuhan Coronavirus Wuhan’s unexplained viral pneumonia that has caused widespread concern has been initially determined to be caused by a new type of coronavirus. China will share the sequence information of the new coronavirus gene detected in the case with the World Health Organization. The Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee reported till 13th that 41 cases of pneumonia with a new coronavirus infection have been initially diagnosed, All patients received isolation treatment at designated medical institutions in Wuhan. A […]

China News & Prayer (2020.02.22-29)

Thank God for leading us to the second year of “The Ways of the Pastors”. We enjoyed every moment when we met, exchanged and equipped ourselves. Overwhelmed with happiness, I looked forward to seeing and sharing with teachers and classmates, learning from and supporting one another. I have become more knowledgeable and experienced after training. My wonderful classmates were blessings as we developed spiritual friendship, earned mutual respect and appreciated our relationship with other Christians. This was the third gathering […]

This is God’s Work

Pray for My Younger Brother “My younger brother’s mental condition is poor. He was hospitalized again in June 2019. He was discharged from hospital after more than a month. But he was still sick and refused to take medicine. Currently, his wife is pregnant. He always says that the child’s father is another person. He has asked his wife to terminate her pregnancy or to divorce from him. They have a daughter who studies in grade one.  They are also […]

China News & Prayer (2020.02.15-21)

Guizhou Blessed Originally Guizhou is a relatively poor province in China. There are numerous ethnic minorities, including Miao, Buyi, Dong, Tujia, Yi, Shui, Gelao, Hui, Yao and Bai etc. The most talked about cheerfully was that the British missionary, Samuel Pollard, went to the Shimenkan in northwestern Guizhou in 1905 and the gospel was spread among the Miao people. After that, there were also many missionary efforts. Until today, many regions and ethnic minorities in Guizhou are still outside the […]

China News & Prayer (2020.02.08-14)

In Temptation “I am recently deeply troubled and flurried by a relationship with another man. Knowing that such thinking is not right no matter how poor the relationship is with my husband, I have struggles and I am lost. I pray before God for mercy and save me from such temptation. The fact is the more I want to break free, the more I can’t let go. I understand that this sin disgraces my God and hurts my own family. […]

China News & Prayer (2020.02.01-07)