This is God’s Work

Thank God for leading us to the second year of “The Ways of the Pastors”. We enjoyed every moment when we met, exchanged and equipped ourselves. Overwhelmed with happiness, I looked forward to seeing and sharing with teachers and classmates, learning from and supporting one another. I have become more knowledgeable and experienced after training. My wonderful classmates were blessings as we developed spiritual friendship, earned mutual respect and appreciated our relationship with other Christians.

This was the third gathering of “The Ways of the Pastors”, and was also a more treasured opportunity to meet my teachers and classmates. I was very excited as it was not easy for me to find time to squeeze a course into my busy church life. Thank God for his love and care. Appropriate arrangements were made for all church tasks and things got coordinated in perfect timing. With God, I was worried for nothing, and managed to participate in and complete the course in eight days.

“The Ways of the Pastors” did not only equip us with classroom knowledge, but also taught us to accept different kinds of people. Our participates with a variety of characters, family and cultural backgrounds came from different places. With different church traditions, we joined together by God in an amazing way. There was an inevitable divergence of views among us all. Nevertheless, we stayed together and developed mutual understanding. We had changes in our lives, and learnt to care for others with a positive open mind. Honestly talking about our struggles and pain during the daily devotional Bible study in the morning, we prayed for one another and genuinely experienced the pain and joy of brothers and sisters in God’s family.

Brother Lin, Zhejiang Province