China News & Prayer (2024.03.16-22)

Walk through the Dark Valley

“Due to my negligence, I was cheated out of more than two million RMB dollars. I reported the case to the police but nothing was revealed by the investigation. Suffering the torture, I lived a life without cause. It looked like the situation was changing for the worse. Charged with drink driving, my son was fired from a job where he worked really well. He and his wife got divorced dealing with the conflict. It was so stressful. I reflected on myself and found that I was drifting away from God. I repented to and reconnected with God. Thank God for not abandoning me. I have survived the tough times by relying on God. Things are getting better. What I want the most now is that my son and daughter-in-law will remarry.”

(Sister Lu)

  • Thank God that Sister Lu has got out of the abyss and revived her relationship with God. May the Lord keep her and become the master of her family.

Farm Products of Inner Mongolia

Spring is here. “Changping-Ar Horqin” strawberries are ripe and mainly sold to regions such as Beijing and Shanghai. The farm is located at Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and operated by Beijing and Inner Mongolia. In 2017, a collaboration agreement was signed by Beijing and Inner Mongolia establishing the “Changping-Ar Horqin” Modern Agricultural Farm. Four major industries including strawberry farm, edible fungus farm, beef production farm and corn reserve base have been operated. These projects have focused on unique cultivation with a view to helping villages revive their economies and promote the development of technologies for agriculture, livestock farming and forestry.

(“China News Net”, February 1, 2024)

  • Pray that the collaboration can continue to increase the income of farmer households and the project can extend further to more villages.


“Aiming to undertake the water and soil conservation work of the country, my husband joined the civil service after completing a master’s degree. He was arrested for deception because civil servants in China are not allowed to believe in any religion. He is still held in custody. I questioned God why. I could not accept that, and even considered denying my belief because it seemed that I could get rid of all this stuff. I am afraid of the gaze of others, but at the same time fear that I will bring shame on the name of God. All these thoughts have made me feel suffocated. Nevertheless, I have felt that there is an invisible hand reaching out to grab and hold me. I have been learning to be happy even under challenging circumstances, and to take good care of my family in my husband’s absence. I cannot imagine how helpless and difficult he feels in prison, and can only put him in God’s hands.”

(Sister Ma)

  • May God help and protect Sister Ma and her husband from losing faith in Him during hard times. Pray that God’s justice will prevail to end the bitter days and Sister Ma can reunion with her husband.

Benefits of Blood Donors

The Law of Wuhan City on Blood Donation, effective from June 2023, stipulates that blood donors who meet the specified requirements, donors of haematopoietic stem cells and voluntary donors of blood and haematopoietic stem cells qualify for “three-exemption”, i.e. free visit of parks and some scenic spots, free registration and out-patient clinic consultation in public hospitals and free rides on some public transport. The National Health Committee has published to encourage implementation of the “three-exemption” policy for blood donation in all regions. According to the reporters’ study, the above policy has been implemented in nine provinces. Qingdao has even upgraded the “three-exemption” to “four-exemption” through provision of a free annual basic medical check-up at local community health service centers to encourage blood donation.

(“The Paper”, February 7, 2024)

  • Thank you for the generosity of blood donors. Pray that the benefit policy can be implemented expeditiously throughout the country to benefit altruistic donors.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Transmission through Internet: The platforms such as the Radio Liangyou website and Liangyou Walkman are still unaffected in an environment where the Internet is restricted and highly regulated. They can continue to serve our listeners. We dare not boast since this is all God’s grace. “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” (Revelation 3:8)
  2. Training for Workers: The cumulative number of students admitted to Liangyou Theological Seminary to take traditional courses has exceeded 20,000 over the past years. The cumulative number of graduates has reached more than 5,000 as at the end of 2023. Currently the number of registered users of the self-study platform exceeds 40,000. Moreover, the co-workers need to learn more about the platform users in the future. The courses will also be updated as needed. Ask God to provide financial needs and manpower for the future development.