China News & Prayer (2024.03.01-08)

Starting A New Life

“My younger brother used to like playing games, drinking and smoking every day. He did not work, and he borrowed money from every source. He had lived in this way for about seven years. He had also hurt all his relatives and friends because he did not even repay them. My mother and I often persuade him but to no avail. We have changed our attitude towards him after communicating with the program host of Radio Liangyou. We no longer lecture at or criticize him, but pray for him earnestly daily. Especially my mother always cries and prays for him. Thank God very much. Later my younger brother believes in the Lord Jesus. He has stopped playing games in Internet cafes. He has also found a job and refrained from those past bad habits. This is really wonderful work of God. Thank God.”

(Sister Miao)

  • Thank the Lord for changing Sister Miao’s younger brother. He has been finally converted through constant prayers by Sister Miao and her mother. Ask the Lord to continue to help her family become a family full of love with the Lord’s grace.

Marital Relationship

“My husband’s family did not give us any support in the early days of our marriage. My husband and I relied on our own efforts. But my husband is a mama’s boy. We have been married for ten years; he has still hidden something from me regarding how he handles his money. That is even when he owes somebody money, he still gives most of his salary to his parents. I think he should take care of our own family first. He ought to be filial to his parents, he should not do this secretly. My relationship with my parents-in-law seems to be estranged because I do not meet them very often. After I have given birth to my two children, my parents-in-law completely ignore me. They do not even call me at all. They have not treated me as a member of the family, resulting in a gap between me and them.”

(Sister Ling)

  • Please pray that the Lord will bless Sister Ling and her husband so that there will no longer be any estrangement between them. May the Lord give her the wisdom and help her take the initiative to interact with her parents-in-law and to improve her relationship.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Transmission through Internet: The platforms such as the Radio Liangyou website and Liangyou Walkman are still unaffected in an environment where the Internet is restricted and highly regulated. They can continue to serve our listeners. We dare not boast since this is all God’s grace. “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” (Revelation 3:8)
  2. Training for Workers: The cumulative number of students admitted to Liangyou Theological Seminary to take traditional courses has exceeded 20,000 over the past years. The cumulative number of graduates has reached more than 5,000 as at the end of 2023.  Currently the number of registered users of the self-study platform exceeds 40,000. Moreover, the co-workers need to learn more about the platform users in the future. The courses will also be updated as needed. Ask God to provide financial needs and manpower for the future development.