China News & Prayer (2024.02.23-29)

Eager for a Breakthrough

“A university graduate in 2023, I got a job after having gone to all the trouble. Being a newcomer in the company plus an introvert, I have faced with many challenges and sometimes felt hopeless. Thinking negatively about myself, I have been engulfed by inferiority feelings. Unable to express myself and interact with others, I know that I do not have a healthy mind. My parents pray for me every day. I have been going to church and hope that Christ can change me. I’m adapting to my new job and hope for better interpersonal relationships. I know that I should glorify God at work but it is really difficult. Colleagues will think I’m alienated if I don’t follow suit.”

(Brother Deng)

  • May God give Brother Deng wisdom to handle his relationship with colleagues and his job on one hand, and hold his faith in God on the other. Pray that brother Deng can impact the lives of others through God.

Economic Census

The Fifth National Economic Census has been launched on 1 January. The census involves all legal entities, industrial activity units, and self-employed house-holds engaged in secondary and tertiary industry activities. The main content includes the organizational structure, personnel wages, production capacity, financial status, production management, R&D, IT development, and e-commerce transactions. The census takes place twice every ten years starting from 2004. Four previous censuses were conducted. Statistical information support has been provided to formulate planned services for national economic social development.

(“CCTV News”, January 2, 2024)

  • Pray that this economic census can reflect the people’s livelihood in reality and government officials have wisdom to work out better economic policies so that resources and wealth can be allocated to the needy people who can improve their lives.

Fulfill a Mission

Many missionaries who loved God preached the Good News to ethnic minorities such as Miao and Lisu in remote areas over the years and the preaching was effective. However, as time passes by and things change, many missionaries cannot continue their missions. God then empowers local believers to preach with boldness and conviction. It was heard that many Han Chinese and ethnoreligious groups had made significant contributions without others knowing. They did not give up despite difficulties and obstacles. There have been co-workers seeking to preach to different ethnic groups through more language media due to the popularity of flash cards and players that make duplication and storage extremely easy. We have, therefore, started to produce audio gospel pamphlets in different languages for our missions.

  • Please pray for the fruits of the gospel to be borne. May God allow ethnic believers to produce excellent audio materials in their own languages to spread the gospel more extensively and effectively.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program production: In this new year, new segments will be introduced to different programs. We pray that the producers and hosts of these programs will have boundless creativity, making the programs more diverse and achieving breakthroughs. Additionally, we seek God’s guidance for online interactions with our listeners, that they may be grateful and that the network connections remain smooth.
  2. New CE Appointed: Under God’s guidance, Pastor Daniel Chow will assume the position of Chief Executive of FEBC Hong Kong starting from March 1. We earnestly request prayers for Pastor Chow, that he may lead the staff with the wisdom and courage, and uphold the mission of our organization, spreading the gospel message through broadcasting to the Chinese community in China and around the world.