China News & Prayer (2024.02.16-22)

Manifesting Christ

“My job falls under civil service management guidelines as my work is affiliated with the public sector. Both my colleagues and superiors are aware that I’m a Christian. I strive to live out my faith and not cause harm to the name of Christ, though I’m far from perfect with my many flaws and moments of weakness. Thankfully, God continues to watch over me. Recently, my workplace conducted a survey of employees’ religious beliefs. I heard rumors that openly admitting one’s faith could lead to unfair treatment in some cases. However, on this matter I had no hesitation. I saw this as a good opportunity to share my faith. In the section on reasons for belief, I cited passages from Genesis, John, and Acts. With faith, I trust the Lord’s guidance every step of the way.”

(Sister Xue)

  • Thankful for Sister Xue who bravely shared her witness for the Lord. May the Lord continue to help our sister actively live out her faith in Christ and keep her in peace at work and in relationships with others.

New Trains Set Sail

Starting from 2024, the Guangzhou Railway Department will implement a new train timetable. A total of 119 additional passenger trains will be added. After the implementation, Guangzhou Baiyun Station will handle the operation of 104 train services, mainly including northbound Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed trains, south-bound Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity trains, and regular passenger trains. Guangzhou East Station will only handle the operation of other high-speed trains. The new train arrangement will further optimize the capacity distribution of Guangzhou’s transportation hub, reassign functions to Guangzhou South Station, Guangzhou Baiyun Station, and Guangzhou East Station, alleviate the transportation organization pressure on Guangzhou South Station, and meet the needs of domestic and international logistics industry.

(“China News Net”, January 1, 2024)

  • May the Lord keep the development of inland railways in our country, increasing train transport efficiency while also ensuring passenger and cargo safety. May it promote urban-rural interactions and allow the gospel to spread more widely through convenient transportation.

Soaring with Wings Spread

“I became a Christian three years ago. My spouse had been sharing the gospel with me for a long time, but I didn’t believe. In earlier years, while visiting another city to see my grandchildren, someone shared the gospel with me. With a skeptical attitude, I went to the church and God’s love captured me, transforming my life. Previously, I am unwilling to do the housework for grandchildren, and the relationship between my daughter-in-law and my spouse wasn’t good either. However, my churchmates saying that I was doing it for God. Later on, my perspective changed, and the family relationships became very harmonious. When I returned to my hometown, the church was short of helpers, so I joined in serving. This is truly God’s grace.”

(Brother Liu)

  • Thank God for finding this lost sheep. Repaired Brother Liu’s family relationships. His life is now being used by the Lord. May glory be given to the Heavenly Father.

Labor Rights Protection

The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in Shenzhen (the Bureau) has verified a video circulating on the internet which claims that a senior executive of a company in Shenzhen illegally terminated an employee. It was confirmed that the employee involved in the dispute had filed for labor arbitration, and it was found that the executive had made inappropriate remarks during the handling of the dispute. As a result, the labor contract with the executive has been terminated. The Bureau has stated that it will further increase the promotion of legal education, facilitate channels for safeguarding rights, and urge employers to comply with labor laws and regulations in order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Furthermore, it encourages the public to report any infringements of labor rights by employers to the local human resources department, and the authorities will handle such cases in accordance with the regulations.

(“China News Net”, January 12, 2024)

  • Protecting workers’ rights is an important social issue. We pray that those who are oppressed receive the help they deserved, and that all people can develop compassionate hearts so that no one infringes on the rights of others.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program production: In this new year, new segments will be introduced to different programs. We pray that the producers and hosts of these programs will have boundless creativity, making the programs more diverse and achieving breakthroughs. Additionally, we seek God’s guidance for online interactions with our listeners, that they may be grateful and that the network connections remain smooth.
  2. New CE Appointed: Under God’s guidance, Pastor Daniel Chow will assume the position of Chief Executive of FEBC Hong Kong starting from March 1. We earnestly request prayers for Pastor Chow, that he may lead the staff with the wisdom and courage, and uphold the mission of our organization, spreading the gospel message through broadcasting to the Chinese community in China and around the world.