China News & Prayer (2024.02.09-15)

Doubts and Denials

“My husband is firm in his belief in salvation, while I often have doubts. Ironically, I pray and read the Bible every day, but my husband doesn’t. The church asked us to give a testimony of gratitude, but we repeatedly declined. We serve in many capacities at the church, such as cooking, cleaning, repairing the sanctuary, taking care of infants and young children. However, I don’t understand why I’m so unwilling to give a testimony. I feel like I haven’t manifested God’s glory, and I lack peace and joy. My husband has two faces, one in public and another at home. My son is selfish and lazy. We feel like we have failed as parents, and our marriage is filled with arguments. Our work abilities are limited, and we don’t do things perfectly. Every day, I feel drained, like a wrung-out towel, and when I lie down, I feel like there’s not a drop of water left in me.”

(Sister Li)

  • Lord, please grant Sister Li peace and joy, so that she may truly experience God’s love and willingly serve with gladness in her heart. Also help her husband to be consistent in both his words and actions.

Killed by Icicles

The news of a student at Ludong University in Yantai, Shandong Province, being fatally struck on the head by a falling icicle has garnered widespread attention. It has been confirmed that the student was rushed to the hospital for treatment but succumbed to severe cranial damage. The university had hired a management company responsible for clearing snow and ice from the roads surrounding the university buildings. The school has already coordinated with the parents to handle the subsequent matters. In recent years, incidents of icicles falling and causing injuries or damaging vehicles have occurred frequently, leading to extensive discussions on assigning liability. Lawyers believe that, in relation to specific cases, the legal responsibility of relevant entities needs to be analyzed based on legal provisions and the facts of the case.

(“China News Net”, January 12, 2024)

  • Please comfort the affected family in the accident and raise awareness among citizens to promptly remove ice dams from their roofs during winter to prevent loss of life and property damage.

Facing Challenges Together

“I’m a visually impaired person living in a nursing home. I met a sister there and shared the gospel with her. Later, we developed a romantic relationship. This sister has had a difficult life. She was born with cerebral palsy and frequently experiences epileptic seizures. She has weak and paralyzed limbs, making her impossible to stand. After her father passed away, her mother remarried, and she lived with her grandparents. After her grandparents passed away, she ended up in the nursing home. Currently, I take care of her. The person in charge of the nursing home says that our situation may not meet the conditions for marriage, and the potential impact of having a child is unknown. Regardless of whether we can get married, as long as my physical condition allows, I will continue to take care of her. I ask for your prayers for my girlfriend’s health.”

(Brother Wang)

  • Grateful that Brother Wang shared the gospel with Sister. May the Lord guide them in whether to marry, and enable Brother Wang to discern Your will.

Resuming Classes

In the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province on December 18, 2023, 32 people were killed and two missing. The post-disaster recovery work has now begun. In this earthquake, some schools and teaching facilities suffered severe damage. In order to quickly resume classes for students after the disaster and ensure a smooth transition to the spring semester, the construction of 1,165 temporary classrooms was completed on December 29. Meanwhile, all local schools have resumed online classes since December 22. Furthermore, repair and reinforcement work has begun simultaneously on 182 school buildings that were seriously damaged as identified through inspection and assessment.

(“Xinhua Net”, December 30, 2023)

  • Lord, please help the residents resume their normal lives after the earthquake, comfort those who lost loved ones, and heal those who are injured. Pray that the students in the affected areas will study with greater tenacity in the temporary classrooms, and receive Your help and comfort in times of suffering.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program production: In this new year, new segments will be introduced to different programs. We pray that the producers and hosts of these programs will have boundless creativity, making the programs more diverse and achieving breakthroughs. Additionally, we seek God’s guidance for online interactions with our listeners, that they may be grateful and that the network connections remain smooth.
  2. New CE Appointed: Under God’s guidance, Pastor Daniel Chow will assume the position of Chief Executive of FEBC Hong Kong starting from March 1. We earnestly request prayers for Pastor Chow, that he may lead the staff with the wisdom and courage, and uphold the mission of our organization, spreading the gospel message through broadcasting to the Chinese community in China and around the world.