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Dangerous Situation “I feel like an incompetent Christian who have always lost control of emotions in the past. When there is dissatisfaction in life, I will go smash the glass of the bathroom door at home. I become paranoid, feeling hurt by others, and always have their hurtful words haunting my mind. Without living as good as the non-believed, I feel sorry for God, for my family and myself. It’s so sad. I hope to be comforted and understood, not […]

China News & Prayer (2022.04.24-30)

Having Lung Cancer “I have had lung cancer for five years. My recent examination indicates that my sickness worsens again. My daughter studies in the third year of senior high school and my son in the third year of junior high. My husband is a deliveryman. I don’t want to borrow money for treatment. I don’t want to receive financial help from the church anymore. Although I have believed in the Lord for two years and have been baptized already, […]

China News & Prayer (2022.04.17-23)

I Am Really Lonely “My husband has had an affair, I forgive him for the sake of our family. But I always feel weird as if there is a thorn in my heart. My husband also doesn’t open his heart to me. Moreover, I believe in God. As I have handled my marriage in a way like this, I particularly feel that it is my failure and guilt. I also haven’t set a good example. Although I’m very eager for […]

China News & Prayer (2022.04.10-16)

Due to the periodic inspection of electrical installations in the building, our website ( will be suspended for most of the day on April 10, this Sunday. The broadcast of our programs will not be affected. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Temporary Suspension

Overstressed “I’m a mother of two children, and as my husband works out of town, I have to take care of our children alone. I used to be didactic, even used corporal punishment sometimes. Now, I just hide in the room to pray to the Lord. I asked myself if I was too dominant and disrespecting her. Sisters at church feel that I’m too diffident. Whenever we clash, I would pray in silence, but she would beat me, scold me, […]

China News & Prayer (2022.04.01-09)