Yearly Archives: 2022

Marvelous Encounter “The first time I heard Radio Liangyou was when I was 13 years old. Our home was in the countryside. My elder brother had always been interested in various electronic products. He brought a pocket-sized radio home on the National Day. In the past, radios were really big and heavy. As a kid, I didn’t know how to use a radio. Seeing my elder brother taking out a radio and turning on its buttons so as to listen […]

China News & Prayer (2022.12.25-31)

Religious Doubt “I always feel that I’m walking away from God. I wonder whether leaving God’s path is leaving God. What is the path God has prepared for us in concrete terms? Does everybody have a different path? As a university student, I would love to play a game before going to bed every night. However, I feel anxious about this thought, and repeatedly downloaded and removed the game from my phone. The game is still installed on my phone. […]

China News & Prayer (2022.12.18-24)

Recognition for Children “I have learned from the radio program ways to encourage and accept children, recognize their attainment and accept their favorite friends. Unhappy with my child’s poor marks, I used to criticize and compare him with other children. I didn’t like him hanging around with children having bad exam results and forced him to make friends with those with good grades. That was totally my fault. After listening to your program, I have learned to respect and understand […]

China News & Prayer (2022.12.11-17)

No Energy To Live “I feel that I really do not want to live anymore. If people could choose to be born or not, I really do not want to come to this world. I really do not have any energy to live. I feel that I really want to die and see the destruction of the world. It may be still good for Christians to live with hope. Nonetheless, it is very depressing to see there is no end […]

China News & Prayer (2022.12.01-10)

A Dangerous Lover “My son walked away from God when he was a junior secondary student. At that time, he couldn’t advance his faith and find help through Bible teaching. Keep struggling, he still had faith in God during the pandemic in Spring. Now he is running a business in an improper place and has only earned little money. A father of a seven-year-old daughter and being an introvert, he will not have a future without God. His wife now […]

China News & Prayer (2022.11.24-30)

Buying Babies “My mother-in-law’s home is in Shandong where the sale of children is rampant. She bought a baby girl as her daughter, and then spent RMB80,000 for a grandson when she was 70. The grandson is ten years old now. Besides, the niece of my mother-in-law, though she believes in the Lord, also encourages her to buy a child to replace her own grandkid who is a disable with cerebellar palsy. Her girl can no longer bear children, and […]

China News & Prayer (2022.11.17-23)

Dizzy Brain “I have been in a bad mood recently. The church sisters knew that I was unwell, so they often came to visit and help me. Once a sister spoke of her testimony and about her previous hard feelings. I was afraid to be like her. Such concern haunted me since then and I became unbearably anxious. My brain was unease and dizzy. My heart kept beating so fast, and my blood pressure rose to over 160. I’m worried […]

China News & Prayer (2022.11.10-16)

What Should I Do “I got married two years ago and still couldn’t get pregnant. Advised by the host of your radio program, I consulted a Chinese medicine practitioner and got pregnant in March. I pray for the health of my child every day as I’m so vulnerable. Now I’m 17 weeks pregnant and have been tested and identified having a risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. The doctor advised me to do a noninvasive examination. I’m very […]

China News & Prayer (2022.11.01-09)

Because of the Pandemic “Without waiting for God’s revelation, my husband borrowed money to expand our art and calligraphy training business in 2016. All the debt was supposed to be paid off by 2019. We however had to take insurance policy loans again as we had suspended classes and received no income during the epidemic. God is good. Through a parent who send us gospel messages which related so much to what we have gone through, we regained our confidence. […]

China News & Prayer (2022.10.23-31)