The One Who was In Need

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the team of “Radio Counselling Corner” for organising the Couple Camp. I have learnt a lot of things which I was unaware of in the past through the event in a few days. I always thought that I was right and defended my own ideas. I did not truly accept and tolerate my husband and thought that I had done enough by taking on my role and responsibilities in the church.

In the first evening activity at the camp, Rev Zhao, the Station Director said that the smallest unit in a church was not a person but the couple in a family. I had expectation joining the camp. I hoped that my husband could come before God and let God change him. However, I realised that the one who needed to change was actually myself after I received counselling from and interacted with the guests and Mrs Zhou.

The personality assessment conducted by Teacher Xu enhanced my understanding of myself and my husband and taught me to love others by meeting their needs. The sharing of Dr Li and his wife showed me how to lead a balanced life in marriage and how to teach children by setting a good example for them.

Mrs Zhou do you remember I once said that everyone in the church was pretending? I was the one always tried to give a positive impression to others in the church that I was spiritual. The fact was that I failed to play my role at home and this stopped my husband from humbling himself before God. I went to church again after the camp and found that things had changed. Our church has been good but only I was thinking and doing the wrong things. Although my husband did not go to church this Sunday, I can tell that he is changing!

Sister Liu, Tianjin City