SLE in Pregnancy

Being pregnant was big good news to me and my family shared the happiness with me. However I am a patient with Systemic lupus erthematosus (SLE) and unable to bear children. I had a relapse of SLE after having follow-up consultations for four months. Firstly I got rashes on my face and then my skin was broken and festering. Continuing my pregnancy would put my life as well as my child’s life at risk. Therefore the first child was aborted.

With medication, my immune system had gradually recovered. A relative talked to me about the Gospel at that time and I tried to believe in Jesus. Then I bore my second child, but had heavy bleeding after three-month pregnancy and finally had a miscarriage. The caring love and encouragement from brothers and sisters and the Bible verses boosted my confidence to keep building faith in Jesus.

After that, when I wanted to have a child, God answered my prayer and I bored the third child. Extreme dangers were detected during my pregnancy. My liver and kidneys became overloaded. I again got rashes on my face. However, God’s mercy kept me once again. When I held my daughter for the first time, I could not hold back my tears. Although my immune system is still weak that resulted in severe anemia and various symptoms, I have survived since then. I have seldom got a flu or cough. Even the doctor cannot believe that I am in a state of such good health. Thank God indeed!

Sister Zhou, Jiangsu Province