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To Marry or Break-up “Hello to the staff of Liangyou Radio. I am a baptized Christian. I have heard many preaching about courtship and marriage, but I ended up having a non-believer as my boyfriend! We have premarital sex though I knew this is not right; I let myself fall into this temptation! Now we are talking of marriage, but the sin is worsening my life. Should I marry him earlier or break up with him as soon as possible? […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.23-31)

My Mum is Released “After the cremation of my father’s body, my old mother has told us that she has been over it and her mood is much better. In recent years, my father has had a hard time due to his poor health. My mother is released from her burden in her heart at present. My three brothers have dealt with our father’s funeral expenditures and given the remaining to our mother for her expenses. My younger brother is […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.16-22)

Serious Sickness “It is urgent to pray for my friend surnamed Liu. His sickness is getting more and more serious. His hands and feet were swollen a few days ago. This was because he collapsed and got very sick after he had returned from his trip to Tibet in June. It should be altitude sickness. Liu is an aviation coach. He has been very healthy before his illness. He is unmarried and his family lives in Inner Mongolia. He is […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.09-15)

Return to Radio: Recently, a China ministry researcher pointed out that radio gospel broadcasting had played an important role in the growth of the inner church in the past 70 years. Under the tightened religious regulation, the stability of the use of WeChat and Websites has been greatly challenged and has become less reliable. In addition, the message delivered by the pastors in registered church will be increasingly away from the teachings of the Bible. Therefore, many mainland ministers are […]

Prayer Request (2019.12)

Easier Said Than Done “My mother-in-law has a problem of cerebellar atrophy. She lived with her eldest son initially but was not well cared for. My husband is her youngest son and we, after discussion, decided to take care of her at our place. We carefully prepared everything for mother-in-law hoping that she could be under good care for the rest of her life. Easier said than done though, the stay of mother-in-law brings us a lot of trouble and […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.01-08)

No Break Free “I am studying at a seminary and had served at the church previously. I got the masturbation habits in 2013 and couldn’t stop since then, no matter how hard I had tried. This habit has greatly affected my work and study; it has ruined my spiritual life and hindered my service in the church. I feel I have disgraced the Lord, but I just can’t get rid of it. I have lost my direction: Should I service […]

China News & Prayer (2019.11.24-30)

God’s Protection “God has been nurturing my life to manifest his mighty life-changing power in such a person like me who has deficiency originally and broken marriage. My child has also experienced God’s protection. Once his ankle was pressed by the tricycle. His grandmother heard the sound and thought that his ankle was broken for sure. My son could climb up and ran after the accident. He even climbed into the tricycle without any injuries. Moreover, God has listened to […]

China News & Prayer (2019.11.17-23)

Gaining Weight to Save Dad A 10-year-old boy, Lu Zikuan, “saved his father by gaining weight” in Hui County, Henan. He gave his father a “birthday gift”: his bone marrow donation. He was taken back to the ward after the operation in Peking University People’s Hospital. The doctor praised him for being so strong. When Zihuan was three years old, his father, Lu Yanheng, was diagnosed as having myelodysplastic syndromes at the early stage of leukemia. His father’s condition has […]

China News & Prayer (2019.11.10-16)

Can’t Hold On Anymore “My mother was a rural woman who lived in bitterness throughout her life. My marriage is undesirable and so is my younger brother’s. He said of a divorce when quarreled with his wife who, berated my mother and made her ill and eventually stoke. God saved my mother, but she was left unattended at her maternal home after hospital discharge. Because of difference in belief, my husband didn’t get along with my mother. He didn’t respect […]

China News & Prayer (2019.11.01-09)