Minorities Ministry

There are 56 ethnic groups in China. Radio Liangyou is serving the Putonghua speaking populations, but nevertheless, has concerns for the spiritual needs of the other 55 ethnic minority groups and various dialect groups.

Currently we have broadcasts in 10 minority languages for 9 different minorities, including:

  • Tibetan (Khampa)
  • Hui
  • Uygur
  • Zhuang (Hongshuihe and Debao)
  • Yunnan dialect
  • Mongolian
  • Bai
  • Lisu
  • Miao

To produce programs in minority languages or dialects is no easy task. On one hand we need the working partnership of other organizations, and on the other hand we need to find suitable indigenous announcers. We would also require translations for all our correspondences by local missionaries. Hence, if it wasn’t for the grace of God, it would not have been at all possible.

FEBC believes that God loves all these ethnic minority groups, and they too need to hear the gospel. We are earnestly developing our broadcasting ministry to such ethnic minority groups, no matter how challenging this might be. We hope that you will be willing to work with us, support and uphold us with your fervent prayers thus making the gospel known to all the remaining 55 ethnic minority groups.