Prayer Request

A Span of 60 Years: Since its establishment in 1958, FEBC Hong Kong has gone through a span of 60 years. Our heartfelt thanks to you for being our companion with your support and offering. For 60 years we have seen God’s miracles and are most grateful, while at the same time we are sad to find the harvest plentiful, but the workers few. Let us not depart from our first concern, but make good use of opportunities that come […]

Prayer Request (2018.01)

The Unsettling World: The world situation is unsettling. While East Asia is continuously apprehensive about the North Korean issue, another squall is resurging in the Middle East on the status of Jerusalem. Yet, let us see to it that we are not troubled and alarmed, because such things must happen, as the Lord has already told us. Christ Jesus, the baby born for us more than 2000 years ago, will bring salvation, peace, justice and righteousness. The Lord who has […]

Prayer Request (2017.12)

Faith and courage: Please remember the churches and disciples in China; more regulations and laws are implemented. In some provinces, Sunday Schools are already ceased. Entry permits of some foreign partners are no longer extended. May the Lord give them faith and courage to follow God’s word and to spread the gospel. Broadcast Responses: In September we got 7,432 listener responses, program downloads over 1.5 million times, the number of hours on streaming media reaching 44,000 and the Liangyou Index […]

Prayer Request (2017.11)

68th year of Broadcasts: Our deepest gratitude for your prayer and contributions in support of our stride into the 69th year of gospel broadcasting! We must admit that in the past 68 years, in spite of the concerted effort of our staff in program production for the multitudes of fellow countrymen, and testimonies of many whose lives are changed because of the gospel, there are still lots of souls out there who have not heard of the good news, and […]

Prayer Request (2017.08)

Radio Liangyou at WeChat: Brother Zheng of Jiangsu is a second generation listener of Radio Liangyou. He has not only witnessed FEBC’s advance in the use of WeChat and mobile apps, but also benefited from it. “My dad is a Christian. I’ve been sitting beside him listening to Radio Liangyou’s programs ever since I was small. Later, having to work outside, I wasn’t able to carry a portable radio with me. Then I prayed to God. Can I possibly tune […]

Prayer Request (2017.05)

Listener Responses: In March we received 7,440 responses from mainland listeners, a rise of 42% from the previous month. Radio Liangyou web portal downloads neared 1.9 million, a 16% more. The total listening hours of Liangyou Radio’s streaming media reached 22,163 hours, also at a rise of 12%. We have 650 more ‘Liangyou Fans’ and 122 new students enrolled at LTS. Please keep on praying for our gospel broadcasting ministry on the mainland. May the Lord bless our fellow countrymen through […]

Prayer Request (2017.04)

Listener responses: Radio Liangyou Index for 2016 has risen by 20%, showing a good trend in the overall broadcasting response. Program downloads in January 2017 saw an average rise of 44% from the previous year, reaching 1.63 million times. Program downloads via WeChat also rose by 40%. We received a total of 5,800 listener responses, and 785 have been added to our Liangyou Fans program! We keep entrusting our Father to use our programs so more souls of our nation […]

Prayer Request (2017.03)