China News & Prayer (2023.07.24-31)

A Group of Female Students

“In 1985, an elder of my church and his friends encountered a group of students from Hong Kong during their visit to the Huangguoshu Waterfall scenic area. He recorded in a special issue, ‘We met a group of Hong Kong female students who were traveling. The gospel they preached to us at that time has borne fruit through the Holy Spirit, through the word of God and through his son Jesus Christ. We are now servants of God. I pray that God will bless these students from afar. I want to contact them and invite them to visit us.’ The elder wrote these words and also included a Bible that each of them had signed and a photo taken together.”

(Brother Yin)

  • O wonderful Lord, your work has borne abundant fruit for the gospel in China. Pray that the testimony of the elders will inspire believers to follow the example of those female students from years ago, leaving beautiful footprints wherever they go.

Wedding Customs Reform

In China, especially in rural areas, the older generation believes that marriage is an important social ritual that is closely related to family’s dignity. In order to gain recognition, they pay close attention to the amount of dowry and the size of the wedding. However, young people who have returned to their hometowns from the cities to start their own businesses are willing to break with tradition, adopting new and simplified wedding customs. Currently, local governments across the country are also promoting wedding customs reform, advocating for simple and moderate, green and low-carbon ways of celebrating weddings. These include holding collective weddings, family weddings, and destination weddings, participating in social welfare activities, planting commemorative trees as a couple, etc. These methods not only reduce the economic burden but also do not lose their meaning.

(“Workers’ Daily”, June 2, 2023)

  • The amount of wedding dowry is not the focus, and the scale can also be adjusted according to the needs. Pray that the newlyweds will not bear heavy financial pressure, but put more efforts in managing their family and maintaining their relationship.

Befriending You

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were affected by quarantine orders and felt lonely. During this time, coworkers developed a program called “Befriending You” for the Bai people. With a light touch, they presented stories of Jesus Christ’s interactions with people, leading people to know this good friend. They showed how the Lord Jesus was willing to extend a hand of friendship to people of different classes, and bestowed upon them His heavenly blessings and salvation. It is hoped that more Bai people will come to know the Lord through this program.


  • Pray for the production and broadcasting of the Bai programs, and ask the Lord to grant strength to the Bai sisters doing the interpretation and broadcasting. Their participation in this production is not easy, especially with the pressures of busy lives and caring for believers. Please also remember the program writers, who are planning to complete the full series of 39 episodes this year, and to complement this with an audio version of the Bai New Testament, to help spread the Gospel among the Bai people.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Rooted in God’s Love: Radio Liangyou’s theme for the third quarter is “Rooted in God’s Love”. And the strongest link between us is none other than the great love of God. May we all, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, work hard in studying and handling the word of truth, develop our love for God from day to day, and increase our care and love towards each other — that His glory will be manifested in us!
  2. Enhancing Dialect Programs: Since May, an enhanced Cantonese program menu has been added to the “Other Dialects” section on the Liangyou website. We hope to utilize our resources to the fullest in reaching out to the vast global audience that are Cantonese speaking, that they may have a chance to hear the Gospel. Furthermore, devotional program “Manna in the Wilderness” in both Hakka and Minnan dialects are also added, purposed to share God’s Word in their home dialects.