China News & Prayer (2023.06.24-30)

Hard To Explain

“Thank God for patiently bearing us as spiritual babies, it is really hard to explain in a few words. My mother converted to the Lord and was baptized ten years ago. This was a gift from the Lord. Thank God’s servants of Liangyou Radio for laying the foundation of faith for us. I have listened to it every day. The Lord has led our family to a Christian church. In 2016, I bought a flash memory card and a book at the gate of my church. After I had listened to the content of the memory card for more than two years, I finally knew that it was about The Seventh-day Adventist Church. Until then I also realized that there were many denominations of Christianity and that the church I had attended belonged to Protestantism. I mentioned The Adventist Church to my pastors. But they flatly rejected me since they did not understand. They also said we were heretics and asked us to leave the church.”

(Brother Chen)

  • The Lord cares people. Please ask Him to help Brother Chen’s family lay the foundation of the truth and communicate with their pastors frankly. Pray that they will recognize their ignorance and learn again with a humble and teachable heart. May the Lord strengthen his whole family so that they can grow in God’s family.

Future of Electric Vehicles

The implementation of “Accelerating the Construction of Charging Facilities and Supporting the Use of New Energy Vehicles in Rural Areas” was approved in the executive meeting of the State Council held earlier. These include lending an impetus to the construction of charging piles and parking facilities in rural areas, and optimizing the policies of purchasing and using vehicles, etc. It was pointed out that it is necessary to guide enterprises to extend their sale service network to rural areas, to develop car models which are more suitable for use in counties and rural areas, and to encourage higher vocational colleges to train technicians of repair and maintenance to serve rural areas to meet the growing demand. It is also necessary to strengthen the safety supervision to promote healthy development of the market for new energy vehicles in rural areas.

(“CCTV News”, May 5, 2023)

  • Please pray for the development of rural areas in Mainland China. Pray that the government will not only focus on improving infrastructures, but will also care the physical and mental needs of the people. Also pray that the government will start with aspects such as education, medical services and social welfare in order to improve their living environment in all aspects.

The Miao Families

The Miao is an ethnic minority with the most believers. In the past, many of their villages had completely converted to the Lord. A pastor of Dahua Miao has expressed deep worry about the spiritual condition of the current Miao believers. The serious issue of divorce has occurred in Miao families, eroding the religious life of the Miao people. According to an analysis, the unhealthy marriage view is due to the prosperous development of internet information and the temptations of great variety in the society. The unstable foundation of belief also makes the people go with the flow. Young Miao believers get married early, but their mentality is not mature enough. In addition, most of them go to work elsewhere, which changes the emotional relationship among family members. All these changes become factors of endangering their marriage and families.

  • Please pray for the condition of the Miao people’s divorce rate which has been rising continuously in recent years. Also pray for the pastoral ministry of their churches to let the pastors have wisdom and methods in caring and counseling young couples’ families.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Keep up with the Times: It has been 14 years since we moved into its current office. The equipment in the recording studio has been obsolete. The renovation of two studios has been completed successively. It is expected that the equipment of the third studio will be renewed within this year to further match up our needs. In addition, some production workstations will also be required to be replaced sequentially. Please pray for the smoothness of the replacement projects.
  2. Self-study Platform: The feature of “self-study platform” will be added to the Liangyou Theological Seminary website. So that users only need to log in the sub-site of this self-study platform to enjoy a one-stop experience of learning and examination. Concurrently “Lay Training Program II” will also be launched soon. Please pray that the Lord will use the updated platform and the new learning mode to make Chinese theological education more popular.