China News & Prayer (2023.05.25-31)

Radio Kid Listener

“I have been a listener of your radio station since I was a kid. Believing in the same God, my whole family would listen to the radio together. I am working for an old lady who became a Christian a year ago. She has a two-week old grand-daughter. Suffering from the moyamoya disease (a disorder of blood vessels in the brain), she had an operation in Beijing eight months ago. Still feeling dizzy, she requires follow-up in Beijing. She is very supportive of my personal ministry and encourages me to lead church gatherings in my hometown and join the co-workers’ meetings which hold once a month. Working at her home for eight months, we have a great relationship. We read the Bible and pray together when she is not dizzy. May God protect her when she goes back to Beijing for follow-up.”

(Sister Zhou)

  • God is love. Sister Zhou has been blessed to have known God through listening to the radio with her family when she was a kid. Spreading God’s love, both Sister Zhou and the old lady have established a master and servant relationship supporting each other. May God heal the old sister and bless her consultation in Beijing.

Stress Reliever

Short video clips of primary students playing with Buddhist beaded bracelets have become a hot topic across the web. Parents from different places say that their children are crazy about playing with the colorful bracelets. Almost every young student has one beaded bracelet. Young students compulsively fidget with the bracelets twisting and coiling them into different shapes. A primary student said that the symphonic sound of twisting the bracelet could more or less help him relieve some of the heavy academic stress. Many netizens said that instead of criticizing the kids obsessed with the bracelets, we should try to understand their psychological conditions.

(“Chongqing Morning Post”, April 3, 2023)

  • There has been a surge of stress relieving products in the market. Pray that teachers can notice the needs of the kids and parents are willing to listen to their kids’ distress. Support can be given to ease the kids’ burdens so that they can grow up surrounded by people who love and care about them.

A Tibetan Christian Testimony

A young Tibetan pastor is serving God in his hometown, providing Christian nurture and taking care of Tibetan widows and their children as well as the elderly people. One late night, an elderly man living alone was sick and the pastor rushed to help. The bedding was contaminated with the man’s vomit and diarrhea. The pastor was not disgusted at all, helping clean up the mess right away and staying with the old man throughout the night. In the morning, the old man felt better. The pastor moved the bed to the window allowing the old man to bathe under the sun, and brought the dirty bedding and clothes unwashed for long time back home for washing. The old man could finally rest comfortably in a clean bed. Busy for an entire day, the pastor went home singing hymns to praise God with his family with a smile on his face making no complaints.

  • Thank God for sending His servant to reach the Tibetans through God’s Word and the servant’s testimony. Pray for the pastor that he can bear abundant fruit!

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Rooted in the Truth: Dignitaries change, international relationships reciprocate. In view of these ever-changing elements, we need an anchor for our soul. Only the never-changing Christ the Lord is worth our trust. “Taking Roots in the Truth” is the sub-theme for the second quarter of 2023. Pray that all of us may take roots firmly in Christ’s truth, that we may experience the inner strength that comes from rest and quietness, even in this troubled world, and go forth together with steadfast faith and a clear vision!
  2. New Dialects Online: Radio Liangyou website will be adorned with programs in various dialects – Cantonese, Hakka, and Min-nan – starting in May. These programs are produced by Hong Kong and Taiwan offices. We hope to show the audience from all corners of the land our care by producing programs in different dialects. We are committed to enhancing our broadcast services to meet the audience’s needs.