China News & Prayer (2023.02.22-28)

Doubt in Faith

“After listening to today’s radio program, I wish to give myself to God and be at His service. But there is a voice lingering in my head, saying ‘You are not good enough. You are not spiritual’; and that voice has haunted me for more than 20 years since it was said by a senior lady who was regarded as spiritual. She has died but her voice is still around. I’m conflicted as the voice within keeps asking me to give up. In fact, I’m afraid that God wouldn’t want me. I’m like a lonely bird, knowing that a believer with no church life, without reading the Bible and without praying, her prayers won’t be heard and won’t be answered by the God of heaven. By now, I’m too feeble to pray, nor can I read the Bible. I only want to serve God with the whole of me. Although I don’t understand whether God wants me as a slacker, I still hope that God will not leave me out.”

(Sister Wang)

  • Lord of comfort, please help sister Wang understand that the Lord loves her and that her suspicious thoughts should be removed. She should draw near to the Lord, and all other thoughts that are not of the Lord should be kept away from her.

Is it love or is it wrong?

Many parents in China like to share video clips of their children on the Internet. Recently many deeply unsettling videos have been uploaded. Most of them are created by parents themselves and met with criticism. The first type is that children are given challenges that they are unable to deal with and their embarrassed videos are recorded and uploaded. The second type is that children are being made angry deliberately until the moment of their mental breakdown is videotaped. The third type is that parents will videotape their children instead of comforting the kids and settling the problems when they are arguing with the kids, trying to show the world their desperate cry.

(“China National Radio Net”, January 5, 2023)

  • Pray that the parents know how to think and realize the bottom line of their act of sharing their children’s videos to minimize their harms. May God comfort the emotionally abused children and heal their trauma.

The Bai Bible

Bai people are an ancient ethnic group and mainly inhabit the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. In 1881, George William Clarke, China Inland Mission missionary, started his missionary work. The Gospel was widely spread to Bai people and there are about 50,000 Bai Christians. Having a rather high cultural level, Bai people have their own language and have maintained a close contact with the Han Chinese. Consequently, there are many Han Chinese expressions in Bai language. Over the past years, missionaries have actively translated the Bible for Bai people. However, Bai people in general do not know their own written language and therefore Bai version bible is not popular. The New Testament of the audio Bai Bible is available now and more Bai people can be reached by the gospel. The audio version cannot be uploaded to the Internet at the time being for various reasons but can be spread through Gospel broadcasting.

  • Grateful that the production of the audio Bai Bible has been completed. Pray that we have wisdom to effectively share the audio Bible among Bai people. Pray that God would make a way for Bai people to be reached by His words through broadcast and texts in their mother language.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Radio Studios Updating: Equipment updating of radio studios B and C has been completed and both studios have been put into operation. The engineering firm will conduct follow-up checks and make adjustments to the design according to the actual usage of the system. With the experience of updating the two studios and the feedback of our colleagues, we will update the last studio – Studio A. It is hoped that the ministry will facilitate more diversified development.
  2. Audience Chat Group: We have contacted some audience from our BreakPod programs who are interested in religion and invited them to form an audience chat group. Members have supported and helped each other during the pandemic. Pray that the hosts, the programs and the group will be used for nurturing beginners and online group activities will be launched in the future.