China News & Prayer (2022.12.25-31)

Marvelous Encounter

“The first time I heard Radio Liangyou was when I was 13 years old. Our home was in the countryside. My elder brother had always been interested in various electronic products. He brought a pocket-sized radio home on the National Day. In the past, radios were really big and heavy. As a kid, I didn’t know how to use a radio. Seeing my elder brother taking out a radio and turning on its buttons so as to listen to news programs, I was very curious. There were no FM broadcasting stations in the countryside at that time. So we could only listen to AM or even short-wave broadcast. My elder brother noticed that I was interested in the radio, so he gave it to me. It was this radio which had inspired me to seek the truth, reap the harvest of gospel and encounter Radio Liangyou. I’m grateful to this marvelous encounter.”

(Brother Lai)

  • Thank the Lord, who gives people opportunities, for allowing Bother Lai to encounter the radio station and the Lord, and to find the true meaning of faith through the radio. May the Lord use his testimony to bless many people.

Flexible Learning

People employed as food delivery workers, couriers and drivers of ride-hailing services, find it difficult to gain regular training to add value to themselves because their working hours and locations are not fixed. The “Jianghai Xincai” College in Nantong, Jiangsu, which has been officially opened not long ago, is established for this purpose. The course characteristics of the college include a combination of online and offline teaching and a flexible credit system. After 2.5 years of study and fulfillment of the credits, the students can obtain a professional training or undergraduate diploma. Those students who graduate successfully only need to bear 20% of the tuition fee. The college has attracted many people to sign up since the student recruitment at the beginning of July. After the eligibility assessment, a total of 98 workers in these new industries have been recruited.

(“Worker’s Daily”, November 1, 2022)

  • Please pray that various courses will be organized in more regions one after another to meet the needs of different people and help those who are interested in further education. Also pray that the government is willing to invest resources in continuing education to provide training for grassroots workers.

Blessed The Hani

The Hani tribe is one of the mountainous ethnic groups in the frontier of Yunnan Province. According to the “China Statistical Yearbook 2021”, the population of the Hani tribe in the territory is about 1.73 million. They have long settled in the Ailao Mountain between the lower reach of the Hong River and Lancang River in Yunnan. The Hani people adopt polytheism and ancestor worship. As early as the 1940s, a Danish pastor preached in the Mojiang area of Yunnan and led nearly 2,000 Hani people to the Lord. In the same period, missionaries from China Inland Mission led nearly 1,000 people to the Lord near Jiangcheng. Thanks to God’s blessing. Some areas have almost reached the level of collective conversion to the Lord. But the number of believers only accounts for 0.5% of the total population of the tribe.

  • It is reported that currently some Hani believers actively translate the Bible. There are also ideas of producing audio gospel messages for the Hani people. Please pray for this God-blessed ethnic group and ask the Lord to call believers to shoulder the heavy responsibility of witnessing the gospel for their own compatriots.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Send Us Workers: Some of our colleagues at Radio Liangyou came with various experiences in pastoring, sent to us by local churches and others from overseas. Most of these have retired or are approaching their retirement. There is a definite need to recruit more staff in order to maintain our program productions. Pray with us that God will send us pastors to work with us in this broadcast ministry, upholding together the vision and mission of “Christ to the World by Radio”.
  2. LTS 40th Anniversary: A radio program broadcasted 40 years ago has evolved into the Liangyou Theological Seminary of today — a systematic course program, by God’s grace, has served thousands over these years in training listeners to become church workers and ministers, thus building up healthy churches. LTS has been appreciated and affirmed by listeners and students alike. We thank God for His grace and guidance in the past 40 years.