China News & Prayer (2022.12.01-10)

No Energy To Live

“I feel that I really do not want to live anymore. If people could choose to be born or not, I really do not want to come to this world. I really do not have any energy to live. I feel that I really want to die and see the destruction of the world. It may be still good for Christians to live with hope. Nonetheless, it is very depressing to see there is no end to this life. There are all rough lives, one after another. When one has gone, there is still one more, two more, three more with no end in sight. I wonder if I have psychological issues. I become emotionally unstable occasionally. A lot of negative thoughts emerge to disturb my daily life and affect my social activities.”

(A Sister)

  • Please ask the Lord to heal the sister. She needs to be loved, cared for and affirmed. Pray that her negative emotions will be healed so that she will see the light of dawn, view things positively and re-enter the society to establish harmonious interpersonal relationships.

I Am A Disabled Man

“I have too many experiences in the Lord. I didn’t understand this before. I heard the sermon today and recalled the past. God has performed many miracles on me. God never leave me. In the most desperate time, God starts to call me again. I’m a little afraid of what I have to do at present. I wonder how many people will come to attack me. I used to work for the Lord and was almost beaten to death. The Lord has rescued me from the hands of the wicked. I know the power of the Lord, but I still have a little fear. If I don’t do what I have to, the Holy Spirit urges me every day, making me terrified in my heart. If I do, I will be afraid of the wicked. I’m a disabled person. I cannot move around so easily. My sufferings are the same as Job’s. No one can understand me. I’m almost abandoned by this world.”

(Brother Ren)

  • Ask the Lord, who comforts people’s hearts, to help Brother Ren forget the unpleasant past, save him, heal him to let him experience the Lord’s love and regain his confidence in the Lord and others. Also ask for the Lord’s mercy so that he will no longer live in depression, fear and frustration.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Send Us Workers: Some of our colleagues at Radio Liangyou came with various experiences in pastoring, sent to us by local churches and others from overseas. Most of these have retired or are approaching their retirement. There is a definite need to recruit more staff in order to maintain our program productions. Pray with us that God will send us pastors to work with us in this broadcast ministry, upholding together the vision and mission of “Christ to the World by Radio”.
  2. LTS 40th Anniversary: A radio program broadcasted 40 years ago has evolved into the Liangyou Theological Seminary of today — a systematic course program, by God’s grace, has served thousands over these years in training listeners to become church workers and ministers, thus building up healthy churches. LTS has been appreciated and affirmed by listeners and students alike. We thank God for His grace and guidance in the past 40 years.