China News & Prayer (2022.10.23-31)

Because of the Pandemic

“Without waiting for God’s revelation, my husband borrowed money to expand our art and calligraphy training business in 2016. All the debt was supposed to be paid off by 2019. We however had to take insurance policy loans again as we had suspended classes and received no income during the epidemic. God is good. Through a parent who send us gospel messages which related so much to what we have gone through, we regained our confidence. Now we want to pay off our debt in another way. My husband can teach students online, do commission drawing and livestreaming learning. We ask God to lead us out of the predicament.”

(Sister Wang)

  • May the merciful Lord fill the hearts of Sister Wang and her husband with His words and peace. Let them learn to look up to the Lord intently, entrust the burden to Him and not to worry about tomorrow.

Violation of Regulations

In order to lead by example and curb traffic accidents caused by drink driving or drunk driving, local governments have recently announced some typical cases of drunk driving by some cadres and public officials as a warning. The local discipline inspection department has also issued a notice to investigate not only the problem of illegal driving after drinking, but also the illegal public funds hidden behind the drinking and the illegal reception of banquets by the managed service objects. By investigating the reasons for drinking, identity of participants, venue, consumption expenditure, etc.

(“China News Net”, September 7, 2022)

  • Pray that people will pay attention to road safety, that drivers will strictly abide by the laws and will not drive under the influence of alcohol, medications or drugs. May officials uphold the correct values and not make corrupted decisions for the sake of pleasure in sin.

Jingpo Believers

The Jingpo people are the descendants of the ancient Diqiang tribe, which now has a population of about 140,000, mainly living in the Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The Jingpo people also inhabited in Myanmar (known as the Kachin), numbering more than 600,000 people, and have many contacts with their contemporaries in China. Although the Jingpo people embrace animism and believe in more than 100 kinds of ghosts and gods, it is thankful that since 1870, there have been missionaries who have continuously worked hard to spread the gospel. In fact, there are reports that almost all the Jingpo people have heard the gospel, and about 30% of them have become believers.

  • The people of Jingpo attach great importance to the ritual called the Munau dance, which is a sacrifice to the ghosts about every four years. The believers also maintain the tradition of this dancing, but they do not realize that this is a kind of ghost worship dance. Pray that the Lord will help believers receive systematic teaching of the truth of the Bible to become witnesses of God within their traditional culture. Pray that the Lord will open the way so that the Jingpo can bring the gospel to the people in Myanmar.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 20 Years of Internet Ministry: Since the launch of the first Radio Liangyou website on September 21, 2002, Radio Liangyou has stepped into the Internet from the ranks of short wave and medium wave broadcasting! This year, it happens to be the 20th anniversary of Radio Liangyou’s Internet Ministry. Thank God for leading us through this wonderful and wondrous journey of growth. Both radio staff and audiences grow together in terms of network knowledge and technology!
  2. New Studio Equipment: The refurbishment of Studio B has been completed. In addition to recording production, we tried to use the new system for live broadcast earlier, and the operation was generally smooth. Thank the Lord, the colleagues have learned and adapted well, and other recording studios will be updated one by one. May the Lord bless the replacement project without hindrance. Not only will the recording and program production not be affected, but the program will have the opportunity to enter a new production mode in the future, and the efficiency will be improved.