China News & Prayer (2022.09.24-30)

Hard Work in Sweat

“My parents are engaged in recycle business. They could bear it when they were young. As they are getting older, they have felt it is very difficult. They have also asked my grandfather to join this business. Currently my mother is really unable to work on this anymore. But she has never been employed. My father also doesn’t want to change his career. He doesn’t know what other job he could do. I hope that my parents can change their career smoothly, and that they will have the capital and confidence to run a suitable new business. Ask the Lord to take care of their health, and let them have peace and joy in the Lord. Please pray that my grandparents will be healthy and that they will rely on God in every aspect. May God bless my younger brother, and let him also have peace and joy. Pray that God will save my partner who still doesn’t believe in Jesus. Also ask the Lord to help me return to my former religious life.”

(Sister Wang)

  • Ask the merciful Lord to watch over Sister Wang’s family so that they will have peace at work. Pray that she will rely on the Lord and draw close to Him more, and that she will resume her church life. Also pray that her partner will be called to open his heart and accept the Lord as the master of his life.

Controversial Pre-made Dishes

The rapid pace of life and the continuation of the epidemic have made pre-made dishes based on “fast process” a new favorite on people’s dining tables. The so-called pre-cooked dishes are made by pre-processing which converts ingredients into semi-finished or finished food products in advance, and then by adding various auxiliary materials as needed. Food additives may be used in the production process to meet the special requirements of long shelf life and convenient consumption. The China Consumers Association has recently announced that among the complaints received nationwide in the first half of 2022, problems such as unclear labels, shoddy processing with inferior ingredients and use of stale ingredients have been found in pre-made dishes. In addition, some restaurants have deceived consumers by serving them pre-made dishes when they dine in.

(“Legal Daily”, August 8, 2022)

  • Please pray that the government will supervise their production process to guarantee the quality and safety of the products involved. Also pray that consumers will know how to eat in a healthy way and establish their good eating habits.

Naxi People Led to The Lord

The Naxi people have a population of about 300,000 and their homeland is Lijiang, Yunnan. According to Xuanke, an expert on Naxi ancient music, his father Xuan Mingde was the first believer in Naxi. Since Xuan Mingde was led to the Lord by a Dutch missionary who came to Lijiang in 1905, he had become the missionary’s interpreter. Xuan also became a pastor later. Today, there are four Christian churches and some gathering locations in the old town of Lijiang. The number of local believers is nearly 1,000. Moreover, the Naxi people use Dongba hieroglyph as their character. There are similar biblical records of creation and story of flooding in their ancient books. Although nearly 90 percent of the Naxi people have never heard of the gospel, they are convinced of an “unknown god”.

  • According to some information, the Naxi people have already had bibles in their own language and have also produced their audio bibles. Some believers actively testify for the Lord in Lijiang and nearby areas. Please pray that the Lord will give calling to evangelical warriors within the territory so that more Naxi people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in their own language and encounter the “unknown god”.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Studio Upgrade: Plans for studio upgrade has been made quite some time ago. The first set, Studio B, was completed and now in use. Please pray for the next phase on Studios C and A. With the pandemic, uncertainties in logistics may arise more frequently. May our gracious Lord see to it that delays are minimized, and the project will be accomplished on schedule.
  2. Anniversary of Liangyou: This year marks the 73rd Anniversary of Radio Liangyou. We had arranged special broadcasts in three sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening on July 29. Although the live broadcasts took place in the morning and afternoon working hours, the audience volume was twice as much as usual. Moreover, the Thanksgiving Service was broadcast in the evening; and the audience volume was tripled. We are grateful to the listeners for their enthusiastic participation and sharing. Please give thanks to God for the ministry of our station!