Prayer Request (2022.08)

Studio Upgrade: Plans for studio upgrade has been made quite some time ago. The first set, Studio B, is about to be completed and usable soon. Please pray for the next phase on Studios C and A. With the pandemic, uncertainties in logistics may arise more frequently. May our gracious Lord see to it that delays are minimized, and the project will be accomplished on schedule.
User Adaptation: For a new set of recording equipment, users need to adapt to new ways of operation and production. In these realms, younger colleagues seem to find it easier to pick up, while the rest would likely take a longer time. Learning a new skill is no easier than changing a new working environment. May God bless us all that we may make progress appropriately, that our ministry will be as outstanding as we are expected.
Audience Adaptation: In the “wintry mode” Radio Liangyou is operating in at present, the vast majority of listeners are communicating with their mobile phone — which is not without risks. While many of them are used to the traditional way, they also need to adapt to downloading the new app in order to continue listening to lectures or programs. This, to them, is also a challenge that has to be overcome.