China News & Prayer (2022.08.25-31)

I Found Love

“I was infected with polio as a child. With both legs paralyzed, I hang out in a wheelchair and use crutches at home. I love radio programs and always feel delighted listening to them. Consequently my characters have changed. I have become less irritable and more relaxed. I complain less and appreciate more. I came to know God after meeting my husband, a devoted, kind, healthy and handsome American. Thinking about my life, I finally understand that God has already arranged everything for me before I knew Him. His love has made me who I am today. I am willing to demonstrate God’s love to more brothers and sisters with disabilities. There is hope in the Lord. We will find love and happiness.”

(Sister Mei)

  • Thank you God for giving Sister Mei a happy marriage. Pray that Sister Mei can serve people with disabilities, and bear God’ love by being a blessing to more people.

Where is My Money?

Concerns have been raised over the incidents of people unable to withdraw their savings from rural banks in Henan Province in the past few months. The Provincial Public Security Bureau reported that criminal gangs had taken control of the local banks by transferring the funds through illegal means such as virtual loans, and deleting data, screening and concealing facts. The case is still under investigation. The Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Local Financial Supervision Bureau of Henan Province issued an announcement that they would make advance payment of principal to off-book business customers of the four rural banks by classification and in batches according to the investigation of the case and the recovery of funds and assets. The first batch will be the customers with a combined amount of less than RMB 50,000 for a single institution and a single person.

(“CCTV News”, July 11, 2022)

  • Pray that the Government can find the truth and catch the criminals as soon as possible, and enhance control to prevent recurrences. May God have mercy on the affected account holders and help them get back their money, and give peace to them and their families.

The Miao Church

Miao people used to believe in and worship many gods. Gods and ghosts have shared the same term in the Miao language. The gospel was then brought by missionaries such as Samuel Pollard to the Miao people and great success was achieved in leading hundreds of thousands of Miao people to Christ. Nevertheless, the development of the Miao church is now at a low ebb due to various reasons. According to the Miao coworkers, there appears generational discontinuity of beliefs among the Miao people. Now the most urgent task is to revive the Miao ministry by providing pastors with quality training. However, many theological training schools are self-funded without church support. That is why only the basic needs of management and teaching are met, but there is no effective nurturing for young students. Some young students cannot maintain their beliefs after leaving school.


  • Pray for the Miao people for their generational discontinuity of beliefs. May God be merciful to Miao pastors by giving their people visions, missions and responsibilities. May the pastors be given meat in due season and bring Miao youths to God.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. A New Platform: With the launch of “Liangyou Anywhere” in July, audience can listen to Today’s Programs, 30-day Program Archive and Streaming Broadcast. In addition to the design of “mobile priority”, new technology have been adopted allowing a smooth transmission of programs. Audience can listen to the programs on the desktop computer or smart phone. You can also pin the platform on your mobile’s desktop or add it to “Favorites” in the WeChat app as well.
  2. New Plan Ahead: We have commenced the process of planning for the next calendar year — re-focusing the ministry, reconstructing the infrastructure, and relocating the resources. These include keeping our commitment to Christ, getting closer to the listener, equipping Christ’s disciples, advancing in partnership, and achieving the best of qualities. Pray that everyone would excel in their abilities and work together seamlessly, that many healthy workers and churches may be built up.