Prayer Request (2022.06)

Mandate in Succession
In the past two or three years, a handful of our staff and missionaries, including myself, have reached their retirement age. May the Lord establish the work their hands have done. Pray also for other staff in succession that they may carry on the good work with wisdom and strength from above.

Broadcast by Radio-waves
As the challenges the ministry must tackle become increasingly difficult, pray that the Lord will undertake that all various platforms may operate as expected. For an even better radio coverage, we plan to reinstate broadcast via HLKX, our AM Yiyou 2 Station, with increased power. Please remember the ongoing testing and future operation.

Seminary in Progress

In response to the current situations, our Liangyou Theological Seminary has launched a new generalized course on a self-built self-learning platform to serve our students. We are thankful that it is well-accepted. Pray that God will use this new course in building up more believers on Biblical Truth and equipping them to serve in churches and witness for Christ.