China News & Prayer (2022.05.08-14)

At Stake

 “The church is at stake. During the epidemic, our church was closed for a period which our pastors were asked to return to work every day. It is said that the church-in-charge had arranged some unfinished tasks such as checking and refining the information of church members in order to cope with the inspection from the government, making access cards for members, and many other things. The church-in-charge also prohibited our pastors to read scriptures, pray, meditate, or prepare sermons during work. They weren’t allowed to go home until about 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Some have resigned, and the rest of the pastors are sighing, not knowing where the direction of the ministry is. In short, all the pastors have suffered all kinds of hardships and humiliations under the leadership of the church-in-charge. They become effortless and have exhausted in bodies and minds for a long time. They have no time for spiritual cultivation, and they have lost their ability to preach. How can we pray in this case?”

(Audience “Church Sister”)

  • The Lord of mercy, you understand the current situation of the church. Please strengthen the members of the church to pray for the shepherds and the person in charge of the church. Trust that you will keep the church in your hands with truth and peace


“I’ve heard that many pastors’ children were killed in car accidents; young ministers died with cancer; brothers and sisters owing a big family business collapsed after a big fire; family dismantled, or children suffered from various kinds of severe diseases etc. Why is it said that they were God’s work and God’s will? He gave all His love to His children, then why was there so much malevolence? Why don’t you say they were the deeds of devil who is like a roaring lion looking everywhere for a man to eat? The more one loves and have faith to God, the more likely one will be attacked by Satan. My younger sister hosted a gathering point at home, and she often went to various points to preach and to witness the evangelization. A few years ago, in her forties, she didn’t wake up from sleep. I don’t understand. My sister was picked up by the Lord.”

(Audience “A Puzzled Sister”)

  • The comforting Lord, please let “A Puzzled Sister” see not only the misfortune, but also the blessing and grace of the Lord. Give her the strength to face her sister’s departure, and the wisdom to understand the true meaning of faith.

Flow Trend

Facing the challenge of aging population, different cities in China are striving for more youngers to live in. China released data on the population growth of permanent residents of cities last year. The top 10 include “new first tier cities” such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Ningbo and Nanjing. These cities have high level of economic development and can provide many employment opportunities. There are also diversified entertainment enjoyment such as catering, sports, culture and art, as well as good public facilities such as medical treatment and education. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, their lower house prices make them more attractive to youngers and get them easier to settle down.

(“Chengdu Economic Daily”, April 7, 2022)

  • Pray that the Government has the wisdom to make good urban planning, promote social and economic development, have a perfect supporting and living environment. May the seeds of the Gospel take root in every place and revive the churches everywhere.


Some netizens in China reported over-deduction when they donated via fundraising platforms for serious illness. Sometimes a donation of one RMB would turn out to be a three. In fact, such fundraising platforms are not charities. Behind the fund-raising is to attract traffic and then publicize profitable business. However, since the government issued the “Notice on Carrying out Special Rectification of Internet Insurance Disorders” last August, the platform could no longer operate in the same way, so it charged a handling fee instead. To avoid over-deduction, users should be careful not to tick the related options. There are yet platforms that would draw a percentage of the raised funds as operating expenses.

(“Beijing Daily”, April 7, 2022)

  • To regulate such fund-raising platforms, the law must be amended as soon as possible. Pray that the government can target loopholes and specify the source of income, charge rate, expenditure ceiling, etc., so that the platform can make appropriate use of money to help people in need.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Under the Pandemic: Under the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, one-thirds of our colleagues and their family members were tested positive for the virus. Thankfully their symptoms were mild and have already recovered after rest. Our office temporarily closed in March, and has gradually resumed operation in April. We are grateful for the efforts of our well-prepared and trained staff to maintain normal production and broadcast by working from home over the past two years.
  2. Liangyou Theological Seminary (LTS) App: With the launch of the updated app in late January, we have a good start of the newly designed program. The monthly number of our mobile app downloads is similar to that of last year. Audience are expected to gradually adapt to the new way of learning. Teachers have been working hard on compiling the questions of multiple-choice tests in smooth progress.