Prayer Request (2022.03)

In-depth Scrutiny — In order to authenticate that they are free from the virus, citizens have no option but to wait in long lineups for testing — it’s never like a pleasant day out. The broadcast theme for Radio Liangyou this year is “Grow and Glow” which reminds us that growth in spirituality needs in-depth scrutiny. A life that is pleasing to God also needs to go through pruning, an essential yet painful process.

Timetable Change — Our broadcast timetable revises at the end of every March and October. Brand new programs are simmering well in the pot ready to be served. Please pray for each producer and his team, of programs new and old, that timely messages are wonderfully made, something listeners may savor and enjoy.

Work from Home — Under the threat of the intensifying pandemic, we have asked all coworkers to work from home in March. May God strengthen each one as they work at home that all equipment, computers, and internet will operate efficiently so productions can still meet the schedules.