Prayer Request (2022.01)

Grow and Glow — A New Theme: Radio Liangyou’s new theme for the new year is “Grow and Glow” — that listeners may mature spiritually, fruit of the Gospel may flourish in seeking souls, and partners of this broadcast ministry everywhere may be pleasing to the Lord in our lives and services. The mandate “Christ to the World by Radio” remains unchanged, the goal to maturity remains the same in Christian organizations and missions, in the same way, followers of the Lord Jesus must remain steadfast.

Recording Studios — A New Update: Our recording studios have been in constant use — since we moved to this location in 2009 — for more than ten years now. Despite intermittent maintenance and replacement work on computers and equipment, they have inevitably reached a “major overhaul” stage. We are thankful for our Engineering and IT staff who have meticulously kept the system operating. However, since last year, plans were made to refresh sections of the studios. Will you pray for this need, that God will bring about the changes smoothly, and that program productions will not be affected?

New Year — A New Path: Our Chinese broadcast over all these years has faithfully been using Putonghua to communicate with Chinese speaking people scattered everywhere in the world. But we have also put much effort in the past five years in building up a Cantonese online radio station — Soooradio. We are grateful that a new generation of “star hosts” has emerged. On another front, the program “Between the Bars” was awarded “Top 10 Radio Programmes” by CIBS of Radio Hong Kong. Production team was much elated. Praise God! Pray that the Lord will continue to guide the progress of local broadcast, and that the various new platforms (such as Podcast) the new generation of hosts like to use, that more meaningful and delightful programs may be presented to the public. We ask you to remember them in this changing world, may they be strengthened in their work!