China News & Prayer (2021.11.21-30)


“My child played truant. Because he was addicted to mobile games, he was willful, selfish, and irritable. He also smoked. That often made us mad and sad. He plays games days and nights, and not eating on schedule. Hence, he becomes skinny. We are not wealthy. We live in the mountains, and I must work to support my family. My husband also blamed me for not disciplining well our son. Despite the constant prayers from church for the child, he remains the same. After all, he is only 14 years old. But because of him, I was sneered and mocked coldly in the church. I couldn’t lift my head and am ashamed in front of God and man. Being a believer of God for more than a decade, what I have done to have such an unfilial son who defies God and abuses us. I have prayed heartbreakingly time after time. I’m very weak.”

(Audience “Bitter Sister”)

  • The Lord of Salvation, help the son of “Bitter Sister” to wake up from gaming, and to understand that this way of life will bring harm to himself and his family, and be willing to repent. May God help save the child and comfort Sister from being heartbroken.

Keep your Post Tight

China National Railway Corporation Co. Ltd. announced earlier that during the National Day holiday, 110 million passengers were sent by railways across the country. The highest peak was on October 1, and nearly 16 million passengers were expected to be sent. Behind the staggering numbers, the safe operation of Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) is the key. Zhang, from Longnan City, Gansu Province, is an “EMU doctor” who works to ensure the safety of every passenger. When the EMU returns to the maintenance base every day, he and his colleagues must conduct a comprehensive inspection, including the tests of the cab, as well as the status of the doors, integrated control cabinets, toilets, sliding doors and seats.

(“China News Net”, October 5, 2021)

  • Many people rely on railways for travel. Wish all practitioners to be smart and implement various safety measures rigorously. In addition to regularly inspecting trains and lanes, they also do not forget to strengthen the supervision of the signal system to avoid accidents.

Dongxiang Bible

In the river valley area in the southern part of Dongxiang, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, it is the main settlement of the Dongxiang people. About 600,000 Dongxiang people are very enthusiastic Muslims. In 1949, every 30 Dongxiang people owned a mosque, and nine families paid for a Muslim imam (teacher). In the past, there were missionaries who worked hard to preach the gospel, and worked to translate the Bible for them. It was learned that the translation of the New Testament has been completed and the translation ministry of the Old Testament has been launched. But because of various difficulties, the missionaries were forced to leave the area, and only some local believers remain to work, hoping to continue this ministry.

  • There are only a few believers in the Dongxiang tribe. In the past, with the training and help of missionaries, they produced the audio Bible. Now this ministry is suspended. Please remember the Dongxiang Bible translation ministry in your prayers. Remember those committed Dongxiang believers who are persisting in this ministry under extreme poverty and pressure.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Keep Listening: Although our popular social media platforms can no longer serve us, listeners persisted in searching us out. Consequently, listenership on our self-built platforms went up at an alarming rate. We give thanks to the Lord for His undertaking!
  2. A Renewal Mode: Thank God for using Liangyou Theological Seminary (LTS) for many years, so that we can equip many believers in Bible training. In response to the changes of the times, LTS will set up an APP as a self-study platform from next year to allow believers to study the Bible and test their own learning results. We also hope that such change can make Bible training and theological education more popular.