Prayer Request (2021.09)

God Be Merciful: The Coronavirus, rampant for almost 2 years, has no sign of slowing down. Our radio ministry relies on airwaves, so that part is not affected much. However, other media platforms needed to be adjusted accordingly. Pray to our merciful God that the Gospel, the salvation message, and the Truth may find a way over mountains into hearts that are thirsting for water and the morning light. 


Laboring Together: While we are all anticipating the coming of our next leader sent by God, many board and committee members are taking turns in sharing messages in chapel, others even work together in the office during the week with us. Rev KY Ho, vice chairman of the board, started his volunteer post as Vice Chief Execute since May, helping the ministry in moving forward. Thanks be to God. May He add to him the needed strength. 


God Will Lead: Governmental policies in Hong Kong may be evolving, population make-up may be transforming quietly, but all changes will not deter those whose hearts are committed to serve the Lord. The future is in the omnipotent God’s hands, and all who lift their eyes in faith to Him will see things as God sees them. The hope the Gospel brings is before us. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Heb. 13:8)