China News & Prayer (2021.09.23-30)

Gospel Accepted

“My daughter has mental illness for 15 years. We were anxious to find a cure for her and resorted to worshipping Buddha. However, her condition didn’t get better but got more serious. She refused to take medications nor seek medical advice. Her condition had so seriously affected our daily lives that we couldn’t sleep at night. We thank God that last August we accepted the gospel. Through the care and concern of the pastor, brothers and sisters as shown during their visits to us and their unceasing prayers, God brought hope to our family. My daughter was willing to receive treatment in hospital and her illness is now under control. She worshipped Buddha before. We can only pray that God will change and capture her heart so that she will believe in Jesus Christ, has the peace and joy which comes from God and experience God’s healing.”

(Sister Xing)

  • Pray that the Lord will help Sister Xing’s daughter trust in Jesus, receive God’s miraculous healing and experience the peace and joy granted by God. Pray that Xing and her husband have a good church life, study the Bible with their heart and grow in the Lord.

Health Preservation

The “Young People’s Consumption on Health Preservation Report” published late last year reveals that over 90% of young people have awareness of health preservation while about 30% of them have made health preservation a habit in their daily lives, including the use of health products, taking Chinese medicine, having regular body check-up, doing fitness exercises etc. Besides, there are people who adopt the “punk health regimen” which means challenging the limits of one’s body on one hand and remedying it afterwards on the other. For example, they will take stomach invigorating pills and digestive tablets after overeating. All these are “healthy” ways people employed which they think will solve the problems that may be brought about by their wanton indulgence.

(“People Daily”, August 9, 2021)

  • Pray that our God will help all of us to understand the importance of health and quit bad habits such as staying up late, smoking, drinking etc. Pray also that He will provide us with supportive friends and help us cultivate a good daily routine.

Mongolian Bible

Nestorian missionaries started their missionary work in Mongolia as early as the 6th Century. Although the Mongolian tribes were scattered over the land, the dialects they spoke were quite similar. The earliest surviving Mongolian Bible, which includes the books of “Matthew” and “John”, was published by the Russian Bible Society in 1819. The current Mongolian Bible in circulation is the “New Testament” published in Hong Kong in 1952. The Mongolian Autonomous Region CC & TSPM organized the translation of the Bible into Mongolian in 2007 and 2011, the “Four Gospels” (trial version) in Mongolian was published. At the end of the same year, the “New Testament” (trial version) in Mongolian was completed under the auspicious of the United Bible Society.

  • We thank God for watching over the Mongolian believers so that they can use their mother language to read God’s Word. In 2015, there was an app for accessing the audio version of the Mongolian Bible via the Internet. This has greatly facilitated the Mongolians to study the Word of Truth. Pray that the Lord will raise teachers faithful to their commission to teach the truth and help the Mongolian church to grow.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Spreading the Gospel: Even though the social environment has changed, the gospel broadcasting ministry of our organization remains unaltered. So long as the responsibility of equipping evangelists is not fulfilled, the spreading of gospel has to continue. With the new environment, the new atmosphere and the new normal, our work has to be carried out in a new format. We hope that our fellows will hear the good news and share with us the blessing of eternal life. May our God grant us the opportunity to work for Him.
  2. Internal Reorganization: In response to the need of the development of our ministry, our organization has carried out an internal re-organization. Starting from July, we have set up a production department and technical support teams (including the engineering and IT teams). It is hoped that with the more comprehensive technical support, our future program production will have newly-added elements and modes. Let us pray together for the new colleagues who have received the baton of gospel broadcasting.