Prayer Request (2021.08)

Preaching the Word: We hold fast to the mission on broadcasting the gospel. But we know our work in equipping workers in the Mainland is not done, preaching the Word of God must go on. Circumstances may be new, so are the atmosphere and norms, that’s why we need to move forward in new ways so our countrymen may hear the good news and be blessed with eternal life. Pray that the Lord will grant us new opportunities.

New Workforce: To implement the ministry’s development, our internal infrastructure has been revamped. Starting July, we have added a Production Department and a Technical Support Department (with Engineering team and Information Technology team). We hope that future programs—with new technology support—will see new elements and new forms integrated. Please pray that this new workforce will carry the torch of gospel broadcasting.

Steadfast in Changes: It is known that many schools, businesses, churches and organizations are experiencing substantial employee change-overs—a consequence of drastic developments in the city, as well as a gradual “retirement wave” of post-war baby boomers—all have contributed to the permutation. Pray for God’s guidance, that He will bring us people who are pleasing to Him as we start off to the next milestone.