China News & Prayer (2021.08.08-14)

Staying Tuned

“To me, Radio Liangyou is a family, a spiritual home and a source of daily strength. I can hear many like-minded voices which nourishes my soul. Talking about learning of the Radio, it was something that happened more than ten years ago. I’m someone who loves listening to the radio. When I was small, I used to stay with my grandmother during the holidays. My grandmother’s life was very simple. There was no need for the television. For many a night, I held the radio in my grandmother’s house on the hill, facing the big sea and listening to the sound of the world. I would note down the corresponding position and time of every radio station. It was at that time I found Radio Liangyou. The signal was very good. It was in the year 2000.”

(Brother Chen)

  • We are thankful that Brother Chen got to know Radio Liangyou when he was small. The radio and God’s word have accompanied him through his growing up years till now. May he grow in the Lord and learn how to serve Him and glorify His name.

Teaching Seniors Digital Skills

Technology has developed rapidly but to some elderly, they are still not yet used to the digital life. Such phenomenon is called the “digital gap” which has attracted much social concern. Besides reviewing the previous total abandonment of the traditional mode of service, the government and the community are both beginning to find means to help the elderly to keep abreast with the times, which include the introduction of easier-to-learn and more user-friendly digital services; the development of mobile apps with large print, audio and simplified versions; the research and development of smart products which address the needs of the elderly, such as automatic sensor healthcare robots, smart care systems using laser radar, cloud computing and big data technologies.

(“People’s Daily”, July 6, 2021)

  • Pray that there are social measures so that the elderly will not feel lost and helpless. Pray that the Lord will give each one of us the sensitivity to the needs of the elderly in all aspects and give them a helping hand.

With One Mind

“My wife kept complaining about the discomfort below the neck. I took her to the hospital to check if she had hyperthyroidism. I thank the Lord that all the indicators of her examination were normal. Last year, I took her to have various kinds of examinations and it was only discovered that she had a less active and infective form of chronic hepatitis B. The doctor said it was alright and no need to take any medication. All day long, she suspects that she has some incurable diseases. I don’t know if she has any mental problems. What’s more, we have different views on how to educate children, treat parents and get along with brothers and sisters. She keeps going to her parents’ home and doesn’t care much about our family affairs. Pray that the Lord will help us form the same views on everything, we can communicate well and solve problems together.”

(Little Brother)

  • We are thankful that Little Brother cares for his wife. May his wife feel the love and care of her husband and the two of them build the family with concerted effort. Pray that the Lord will grant Little Brother’s wishes.

Wayward Travelers

In recent years, outdoor adventure sports have become popular. There were travelers who disregarded their own safety and trespassed into restricted territory which eventually led to accidents. Most of the rescue costs are borne by public departments. However, with the rapid increase in the request for emergency assistance and to halt unauthorized exploration, scenic areas such as Aden in Sichuan and Huang Shan in Anhui have started to consider setting up a paid rescue mechanism to serve as a warning. Some online polls have revealed that 70% of respondent’s support paid rescues, but there are opposing views which hold that rescue operations are based on the spirit of humanitarianism and should not be linked up with money for fear that more regulatory problems will arise if monetary interests are involved.

(“Workers’ Daily”, July 4, 2021)

  • May travelers be aware of personal safety. May the government formulate deterring strategies and raise the public‘s awareness and understanding of the value of emergency rescue so that they will not abuse it.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Emergency Drill: In mid-July, we completed a week-long “Contingency Drills and Exercise” – the production of programs was done at homes or somewhere outside our recording studio. In view of the new challenges encountered, we pray for God to lead our staff to solve together the problems ahead. Even when irregularities arise, therefore, the production and broadcast of our live or recorded programs can still proceed without delay.
  2. Plans for the Coming Year:
    ☛ All departments are preparing their annual budget planning for next year’s ministry. Pray that the Lord will grant all department heads the wisdom and ability to understand His will, and insights to lead the company forward especially in times of uncertainty.
    ☛ By God’s grace that the engineering team and the information technology team have newly joined us successively. Please pray for each teammate for having an amazing partnership with one another.