Prayer Request (2021.06)

Information Technology—Staff in Need

Since the new National Security Law came into effect, local churches and organizations have seen increased changes in personnel. For a broadcast media such as us, maintaining stable channels of communication for a smooth operation is always vital. God’s grace and wisdom—and taking due care on our part—are all essential. Pray that God will bring to us capable technical workers to complete the team, so we may keep up with all the technologies useful for the ministry. Your faithful prayers are most valuable!

Program Production—Training for Crises

A special training week for crisis situations will be held at the end of June, where program productions are to be made away-from-studio—either at home or on a location viable. This exercise is meant to prove that pre-recorded or live programs may be completed on schedule, even when circumstances are other than ideal or normal. Please pray for the training, and for the adaptability of our staff.

Liangyou Anniversary—Youthful Power

July 29 is Radio Liangyou’s anniversary celebration. This year, younger staff members are taking up the leading roles—a great opportunity for the new broadcasters to put out their best. Pray for God’s grace upon the next generation as they set out to run the second leg of the race well equipped. May God use them in creating a new scope of ministry in a fresh new way.