Prayer Request (2021.05)

Our Strength, Our Days: Although the Coronas pandemic in Hong Kong seemed to have its rise and fall in recent months, our colleagues have all returned to work in the office. However, a couple of them were involved in some injuries that needed hospital treatments. We are thankful that they are alright. Life often has to go through trials. Pray that our Heavenly Father will keep His children safe, that our strength will equal our days.

New Administrative Measures: The new “Measures for the Administration of Religious Groups” in Mainland China has gone into effect in May. Please pray for churches in adapting to these measures, that brothers and sisters may continue to grow and stand firm by the grace of God, and be salt and light for Him. Also pray that they would never forsake the vision from above — to be witnesses to this generation – wherever they may be. We fully trust in God that He holds all things in His hands, and His will is always perfect.

Seize Every Opportunity: Things in this world change quickly, we need to seize every opportunity and preach the Word, in season or out of season. Amid erratic circumstances, people naturally would ponder the meaning and value of life, and that’s why we aim to lead our listeners, through various channels, in contemplating life and searching for God. Radio Liangyou is celebrating its 72nd anniversary on July 29. The special task force has already started the planning – may God use this event.

The New Normal – Meetings On/Offline: The majority of meetings and businesses that are carried out online have become the way to go all around the world. And over time, our quarterly prayer meeting for China with physical gathering plus live video online has also been adopted as the new normal. May churches and organizations, by the grace and strength of God, keep moving forward in this fresh new way.