Prayer Request (2021.04)

Treasure Our Days: Right around Chinese New Year time, several parents of our staff rested in peace rather suddenly. While condolences were accepted, people came to realize how vulnerable and brief life is! May the Heavenly Father have mercy on this world, that many may treasure their days and come to follow Christ. God be glorified!

Keep Us Safe: While the pandemic may not diminish any time soon, or life be restored to normal, pray that God will keep our staff safe, and the message proclaimed effectively, so listeners may see spiritual growth, students see progress, and pastors see strength.

Brand New Programs: The latest Liangyou broadcast timetable went into effect on March 28. New programs include: “M&M Conversation” – dialogue between a new believer and his mentor; “When I Think of You” – hymn song sharing; “Joyous Vine Clubhouse” – radio drama for children; and the revamped “The Liangyou Pulpit”.