Prayer Request (2021.02)

Men Make Plans – God Accomplishes His Work: As we enter this era of “new norm”, FEBC Hong Kong and Radio Liangyou needed to attempt new measures in terms of production and management. Our coworkers needed to continually refresh their minds and modes of work – in God’s will and with His provision – while moving forward. Please pray for us.

Advancing with 5P – Integrated with Training: Previously we shared about the 5P direction our leaders have conceived which includes People, Program, Platform, Promotion and Partnership. With the global pandemic encompassing us – even church meetings are hard to come by – we are much concerned about “Pastoral Training” in China. Please remember in your prayers the integration of this aspect together with the 5P. May God guide us onward.

New Platforms – New Audiences: Our new podcast ministry “BreakPod” launched recently, with programs “Filmanime Lamp” and “Like The Way You Are”, was met with favorable responses. Praise God! On the other hand, Radio Liangyou’s live program “Gimme Five”, broadcast live online every Monday to Friday in the afternoon, has also gained much interaction with the younger generation. Reception is also good. Please pray for our young program hosts and hostesses. Locally, our production “Matters of Live and Death” on RTHK was also launched, serving the city of Hong Kong we love. May God use it to search out new audiences with this outlet.