China News & Prayer (2021.02.21-28)

Learning a Lesson

“I’m divorced. I have just received the verdict. The custody of my child is awarded to his father. I have to pay an annual alimony of RMB$1,500 until the child reaches the age of 18. While the court was adjourned, the court clerk told my sister in private that if I wanted to be granted a divorce, we could give the Judge some money. My sister gave the clerk RMB$1,000 for her to pass on to the Judge. I didn’t know what to do then, so I said nothing about it. Now I have to confess to God and ask for His forgiveness. Since my child’s father had also agreed to the divorce, the only dispute was the alimony and that was why we brought the case to court. My mother always asks me to remarry by the end of the year as I’m getting old. Of course, I do not wish to do so. I have to learn from the lesson of my failed marriage and deeply reflect on it.”

(Sister Guo)

  • Pray that the Lord will help Sister Guo to rebuild her life after the divorce, to cope with her emotions and to establish a close relationship with the Lord. Pray also that she will not remarry hastily because of the pressure from her mother.

Housing Problem

High property prices in cities makes it difficult for young people to find affordable accommodation. In the Central Economic Work Conference held earlier, plans were made for the development of the rental housing market with a view to solving the housing problem. Measures to be carried out include speeding up the construction of social security so that poor families and citizens without housing will be benefited; and accelerating the improvement of the long-term leasing policy to put the rental market in order and regulate the rental level. The authority will increase land supply by looking into the feasibility of using lands designated for mass construction, as well as idle lands owned by enterprises and corporations to build rental housing.

(“Xinhua News”, January 6, 2021)

  • The scandals relating to rental housing have revealed that the lack of government supervision makes it difficult to legally charge those not in compliance with tenancy regulations, leading to a series of domino effects. Pray that the government will review the rental policy as soon as possible so that the rights and interests of all parties concerned can be protected.

Being in Debt to Dongxiang

With a population of over 600,000, the Dongxiang ethnic group is the fourth largest community among the Muslim in China. They mainly lived in the Dongxiang Autonomous County in Gansu. The ratio of illiterate population of people aged 15 or above in the Dongxiang group is highest out of all the ethnic minority groups in China. The adult illiteracy rate is still as high as 48%. Although there are missionaries sharing the gospel and actively translating the Bible, the number of people converted to the Christian is still very few. The nearby church of the Han people does not even believe that preaching the gospel to them is feasible.


  • When we think of the Dongxiang people, we regret that we owe them the debt of the gospel. Pray that the Lord will give us faith and ability to plan how to co-operate with the Dongxiang believers in using the Dongxiang dialect to tell Bible stories. As for ethnic groups with a high rate of illiteracy, using the medium of audio gospel is appropriate. Pray that the Lord will give us the wisdom to help the co-workers to put the ideas into practice and effectively preach the good news of salvation so that non-believers can be converted. Pray also that the Lord will guide the few believers to pursue spiritual growth even under pressure.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Getting ahead with “5Ps”: Basing on the inspiration received from the God, leaders of FEBC Hong Kong is moving forward with the “5Ps”: People, Program, Platform, Promotion and Partnership. Global economy is experiencing a downturn under the gloom of the pandemic, but with faith we will look to the presence of God’s grace and strive towards the goals set.
  2. Noontime Live Broadcast: Radio Liangyou’s new program “Gimme Five”, broadcast live online every Monday to Friday in the afternoon. We pray that the program will help to expand the audienceship, spread the gospel and train up young colleagues to participate more in live broadcasting. Pray also that the God will strengthen them and use the ministry.