Prayer Request (2021.01)

Despite the Pandemic, We Move Forward with “5Ps”: The world seems to have slowed down under the pandemic, yet leaders at FEBC Hong Kong endeavor to move forward against the tide in these 5 aspects (“5Ps”): People, Program, Platform, Promotion, and Partnership as led by God and in His grace. Global economics downturned as a result of COVID-19, but by faith and grace we move boldly towards the goal. Pray that leaders and coworkers alike will make progress in these 5 directions and be useful of God.


Podcasting and Live Programing: As the new year begins, we launched our new podcast ministry “BreakPod” with 2 programs – “Filmanime Lamp” and “Like The Way You Are”. These should easily strike a chord with the younger generation in China. In addition, a new live music program on Radio Liangyou “Gimme Five” will be heard every Monday to Friday from 2 to 3 pm on Tongxing channel. It is our hope that target audiences may be expanded further for the gospel’s sake, and at the same time younger staff may gain valuable experiences in hosting live programs. Pray for added strength and for effectiveness in God’s hands.


In-depth Training and Bible Exposition: LTS inaugurated its Bachelor of Ministry program on January 1 of this year, to provide further equipping for graduates of fundamental and advanced programs from past years. We hope to produce better equipped spiritual leaders, so that pastoral effectiveness in the Mainland churches may be improved as a result. Liangyou’s 20-year-old program “Bible Exposition” went through each book of the Bible. Starting this year, it will be refurbished, with the resources drawn from all partners, into a set of contemporary Bible commentary program for believers in China. We look up to God for His timely provisions. Please pray for us.