China News & Prayer (2021.01.23-31)

Granddaughter’s Blood Cancer

“Ask God to save my 5-year-old granddaughter, has got blood cancer. My son loves her very much. I have been divorced for nearly 15 years. My husband has been indulged in whoring, gambling, drinking and smoking. It is God changed me so that I do not hate him. I ask him to visit granddaughter together when she has become sick. My granddaughter was punctured for testing in Beijing Children’s Hospital. The result indicated that her cancer was congenital and reached a late stage. Pray that the Lord will give my son a peaceful heart and that God’s presence is with him. The doctor also said the child might not bear the treatment given. If there was no treatment, my son and daughter-in-law would not be tolerant. Please ask God to help them to make decision.”

(Sister Wu)

  • Pray to the Lord for the healing of Sister Wu’s granddaughter. God can do everything that cannot be done by people. Ask God to comfort child parents and their whole family so that they will entrust her to the Lord’s work and submit to the Lord’s sovereignty.

Predatory Pricing Strategy

Enhanced by the epidemic, community group purchase of fresh vegetables has become extremely popular. In just a few months, major online stores such as Meituan, Pinduoduo and Didi have all entered the market and even attempted to break through with large-scale investment in the short term. Facing the large-scale enterprises, vendors of the vegetable market cannot compete and their livelihoods will face uncertainty. On the other hand, although online stores’ pricing are lower than others, the actual products cannot be seen before payment. For example, some consumers have bought nearly spoiled ribs and inedible fruits, but there is no after service they can follow up with.

(“Sina News Net”, December 8, 2020)

  • Please pray that online stores will not nipple up the market by vicious competition in order to monopolize the business. Also pray for traditional vendors so that they can keep pace with the times, know how to make use of their own advantages and flexibly establish their sale channels in this Internet era.

Dongxiang Blessed

According to the data in 2010, the population of the Dongxiang ethnic group exceeds 620,000. They mainly inhabit the Dongxiang Autonomous County of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu and 99.95% are Islam. The Dongxiang dialect belongs to the Altaic Mongolic languages. Recently, some scholars have discovered Dongxiang characters. They are working hard to sort it out. Evangelists have preached the gospel to them since the 1940s, but there was no obvious effect. However, God called missionaries and a handful of Dongxiang believers to translate the New Testament and start recording an audio Bible. In recent years, the ministry has been obstructed due to the departure of foreign co-workers. Currently, some Dongxiang believers, who have received theological training, persist in the translation ministry and their translation the Old Testament books is under way.

  • Thank God for enabling the Dongxiang believers to still make efforts for the gospel ministry amid extreme hardships. Pray that the Lord will keep them safe. If the Lord permits, recording of some of the Old Testament books will begin in the new year to let the Dongxiang people hear the good news of salvation.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 2021 Broadcasting Theme: “Come, Follow me!”
    In 2021, we will encourage the listeners to seize the opportunity to respond to the Lord’s call by being determined to follow the Lord. They can start from confession, repentance and renewal of life, and then follow the Lord as His true disciples and save people for the Lord’s sake! We have prepared a series of materials and training courses for listeners to equip the believers to lead people to the Lord.
  2. New Version of Website: Radio Liangyou launched the new version of its website on September 21 last year. It is more refreshing and convenient to use. The responses of both co-workers and audience are positive. Last October, a new column of “Testimonies from Listeners” was also launched to publish testimonies of the listeners who have believed in the Lord and have benefited through Radio Liangyou. These testimonies are the fruits yielded by your prayers and participation together.