Prayer Request (2020.12)

Grace Perpetual: As the year draws to a close, can our heart – amid a global pandemic – echo the bible verse saying, “You have crowned the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with fatness.”? While the pandemic is causing the world inconveniences in every way – not to mention the drastic downtrend in the economy – we cannot help but ask God if His grace can truly be found? To us as God’s people, we really do not belong to this temporal world, then what are we afraid of? May His grace be with us always, that we can serve God the way Apostle Paul did!

Incident Unexpected: Rev. Paul Cham has served on the Board of FEBC Hong Kong for 37 years (1983-2020) and as the Board Chair since 2004. His faithful and committed attitude has become a model for all of us. In the morning of November 20, Rev. Cham passed away into the presence of God. Just two days before, he was with us attending the FEBC quarterly prayer meeting for China and led us in the closing prayer. His departure was both unexpected and sad for everyone. May the Lord comfort Mrs. Cham, the family, relatives and friends, and establish all the work Rev. Cham had done. All things work or rest in God’s time, wish we the living may be reminded to fear Him.
Provision Abundant: Looking back across the year 2020, God’s provision manifested His faithfulness – indeed He is Jehovah Jireh! This year, we witnessed again His almighty power. Under the pandemic, our staff members were moved, as with one heart, to give “a cup of cold water” to show care and a helping hand to needy pastors in China. Gladly, Board members likewise furthered the action. How wonderful and abundant is our Heavenly Father’s provision. We thank our loving God!