China News & Prayer (2020.12.24-31)

Bound by the Rules

“I was called by the Lord at around June 2014. I then studied Calvinism; yet women ordination is disallowed at orthodox church. I didn’t care about that at the beginning, but when His call got more assuring half a year later, I had to come out from my mother church to run and pastor my new pan. Starting from 2-3 people, I got no financial support, no co-workers. Squeezed by the pressure, I pastored the church during the day and got a job at night to earn RMB 750 a month to maintain my basic needs. Let alone the financial stress, there is also pressure from God’s family: many ‘reformed’ pastors criticize that it is inappropriate for a sister to become preacher. Therefore, they would disregard all women ordination. This is terrible if one only eyes on and acts by the rules.”

(Sister Yuan)

  • Pray for the Lord to help Sister Yuan see His grace even more in times of difficulties. And by turning her eyes upon the provision of Jesus, she overlooks her external pressure and inadequacy but take good care of her flock.

Medical Robot

In recent years, surgical robotics technology has begun to develop rapidly in China. Last month, the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University tasted the first success of a robotic orthopedic total hip replacement. The medical team explained that the patient has to undergo a pre-surgery assessment for the making of a 3D model. The robot would then tailor a proposal for the surgery. During the operation, the robot’s built-in navigation system would provide relevant data to enhance its accuracy and minimize its invasive intrusion. The risk of the surgery would be reduced overall. The team hopes that with the assistance of robots, doctors can shorten their pre-operative training period, and therefore an enhancement of medical efficiency can be achieved in the long run.

(China News Net”, November 4, 2020)

  • As the population ages, the demand for various operations increases. Pray for the progress and advancement of surgical robotics technology and may it be widely used in hospitals across China to benefit more of her people.

Walk Against the Wind

Minority ministries in the territory have always been full of challenges. It used to be backward and dangerous, yet many missionaries went there one after another to let the gospel spread. Today, the impact of Covid-19 epidemic has impeded a number of ministry plans, amongst which our gospel broadcast has also been greatly affected, let alone many other restrictions. However, as the apostle instructed – “proclaim the message; be persistent whether the time is favorable or unfavorable,” the gospel broadcasting team have decided to walk against the wind by taking it as a chance to rectify our ministry, re-arrange our limited manpower and resources, and plan ahead our ministry in 2021.

  • Please pray for the special Christmas program that is being prepared. At the same time, thank the Lord for His provision as more gospel partners are expected to join the broadcasting ministry team for the minorities. Pray that Radio Liangyou has wisdom from the Lord to reformulate its missionary strategy, to seize every opportunity to exploring new evangelical ministry for the ethnic minorities in coming year.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. New “Podcast” Ministry: “Podcast” has once again become popular in China. In 2019, it has been growing at a rate of hundreds of times, absorbing the highly-educated 25 to 35-year-old generation. Seeing this big threshing floor, our young colleagues formed a project team to produce new programs for the Chinese “podcast” market, hoping to reach out to the generation of young unbelievers. The new program is expected to be officially launched in early 2021.
  2. Bachelor of Ministry: Starting from January 2021, Liangyou Theological Seminary (LTS) will launch a new “Bachelor of Ministry” Degree program, to further equip our graduates from both the fundamental and the advanced diploma programs, and to upgrade the effectiveness of Christians serving in pastoral roles. Please pray for the publicity and the enrollment of the new program, that many may be blessed.