China News & Prayer (2020.11.22-30)

Becoming a Fugitive

“My youngest uncle was smart. He was among the top ten of the experimental middle school in our city. He dropped out because of the poor family background. The principal was willing to help my uncle complete his study; my uncle gave up his study but chose to work. Unfortunately, he beat his boss to death impulsively since they quarreled over the wages his boss owed him. My uncle has become a fugitive for 23 years. My grandparents have missed him very much. I received a letter from Suzhou Detention Center this year and found that the arrested was really my uncle. A lawyer has been employed to get there to take up the case. He says that my uncle was a good man and a cook capable of making good dishes. His boss and colleagues like him. The lawyer has noted that he will not charge my uncle. But the case is an older one and it will take a year or more to pass sentence on my uncle. My grandparents really want to meet him. My mother has also prayed for him for many years.”

(Sister Xin)

  • Pray for Sister Xin’s uncle. Pray that his case will be judged fairly with the assistance of the lawyer and that his life will be truly transformed.

Depression Screening

The Health Commission issued a document requiring high schools and colleges to incorporate depression screening into students’ medical examinations in order to establish mental health files of students. This is the first time China government has paid attention to the depressed group in high schools and colleges. The proportion of college students suffering from depression has increased year by year. In 2017, one-quarter of college students felt depressed in China. Among children and adolescents under the age of 17, at least 30 million suffered from various psychological problems. If the problems cannot be detected in time and effectively tackled, they will continue into adulthood. The medical consultation rate of college students with depression was less than one-third.

(“Interface News”, October 14, 2020)

  • Please pray that the depression screening will be implemented more specifically with perfect supporting measures. For example, privacy issues, and post-screening processing procedures and referral systems all require better planning to help students with depression effectively.

Tibetans’ Poetic Sentiment

At the early 20th century, Tibet’s reincarnated living Buddha, Gu Rong Ci Ren, wrote a poem to his missionary friend. Its translation may make it lose its original beauty, but it still touches people’s hearts: “O thou supreme God and most precious Father, the Truth above all religions, the Ruler of all animate and inanimate worlds! Greater than wisdom, separated from birth and death, is His Son Christ the Lord, shining in glory among endless beings, incomprehensible mystery and miraculous creation! In His teaching I myself also believe. As your spirit is with heaven united, my soul undivided is seeking the truth, Jesus the Savior’s desire is fulfilling. For the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven I am praying. Happiness to all!

  • The missionaries spread the gospel seeds on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau amid extreme difficulties in the early years. They witnessed many lamas’ pursuit of truth and faith. Nowadays there are still God’s servants who are braving all kinds of hardship to lead people to the Lord. Please pray for the Tibetans’ gospel ministry. Also pray for Tibetan believers to let more Tibetans sing new hymns to the Lord Creator.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. New Website: A new version of Radio Liangyou’s website ( was launched on September 21. This new revamped website provides news about Radio Liangyou; and audience can select and listen to the programs of their own choice. We also add new functions such as searches, keywords and tags to make listening and browsing more convenient so as to upgrade the overall experiences of users.
  2. The Way of the Pastors: “The Way of the Pastors” (pastoral training program) was changed to an online program because of the epidemic. The teachers have conducted online lessons since October. The lessons will last for four hours a week and for eight weeks. Please pray for the adaptations and attempts of the teachers and students so that the study and communication will not be obstructed by changes in the form of the lessons. Also ask the Lord to ensure the stability of the network speed.