China News & Prayer (2020.11.08-14)

Who Has Not Been Weak?

“I feel remorseful towards my wife and my lovely daughter. Not long after my daughter was born, I battered my wife and even filed for divorce. The Civil Affairs Bureau did not approve my divorce application as my child was too small. God was angered and Satan seized the opportunity to attack me. The Heavenly Father’s love was no longer in my life! I was regretful about what I had done. Church members’ visits, their concern for me and their financial help have motivated me. It is God’s love that gives me joy and peace. My lovely daughter is 20 years old now, but what I did still aches my heart. I am so grateful that God still loves me. Who has not been weak? Who has done no wrong?”

(Brother Huang)

  • Now that Brother Huang has repented, he should have the faith that the Lord has forgiven him. Pray that after being forgiven by his wife, he will no longer live in agony, and that he will leave the past behind and start life anew.

Anti-Epidemic Exhibition

The “People First, Life First – Battle Against COVID-19 Epidemic Special Exhibition” was opened in Wuhan. Recovered persons, medical staff, commanders of the army, community workers, public security and police officers and others who came to the exhibition could not fight back their tears. When many of them saw a depiction of themselves during the epidemic, their emotions surged up. “This was the place where I used to battle against the virus,” said a worker who “lingered around” the former mobile cabin hospital with tears in his eyes. Hailed as the “Most Healing Moment of 2020”, the photograph “Watching the Sunset” has also moved countless netizens. An old man diagnosed to have contracted the virus was wheeled and escorted by a doctor to attend a check-up. On the way, the doctor and the old man stopped to admire the long-lost sunset.

(“Changjiang Daily”, October 15, 2020)

  • Pray that the Lord will make use of the Exhibition to serve as a reminder that the success in fighting against the epidemic lies in the selfless spirit of the people cooperating with one another.

Enormous Difficulty

“Please pray for my nephew. In the past few years, the state has been helping poor families to rebuild their houses. My elder sister’s family is also a poor one. Because her household registration is with her parents’ family but she is residing in her mother-in-law’s house, the cadres of the two villages concerned refused to take up her case. My brother-in-law could not afford to build a house and later died of ill health. My sister, who has been suffering from schizophrenia for years, is now mentally handicapped. Our request for help from the village committee was again declined. My nephew was in his teens then and he has been living by himself all these years. He feels that growing up is indeed difficult.”

(Sister Feng, Shandong Province)

  • Pray for the nephew of sister Feng that the problem with the rebuilding of the house can be solved. Pray also that he can know God our Heavenly Father so that his life will be transformed and renewed and that he will be strengthened with God’s love around.

Nosocomial Infection

The Information Office of Qingdao government held a conference to disseminate news on the prevention and control of the epidemic. In connection with the recent nosocomial infection, a comparative analysis of test results confirmed that the virus genes of the case specimens were highly homologous to the two infected persons in Dagang and the source of infection was these two persons. During the isolation period, the infected persons left the closed ward and went to the CT room for examination. Due to insufficient preventive measures, the CT room was infected. As a result, inpatients and nurses were infected causing it to spread in the hospital. The nosocomial infection was indeed caused by the infected patients’ sharing the CT room with the non-infected patients during hospitalization. There is no outbreak in the community.

(“China News Service”, October16, 2020)

  • The hospital should step up measures to prevent the transmission of the virus. Pray that the epidemic will come to an end very soon so that people can lead a normal life without fear or anxiety.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. New Website: A new version of Radio Liangyou’s website ( was launched on September 21. This new revamped website provides news about Radio Liangyou; and audience can select and listen to the programs of their own choice. We also add new functions such as searches, keywords and tags to make listening and browsing more convenient so as to upgrade the overall experiences of users.
  2. The Way of the Pastors: “The Way of the Pastors” (pastoral training program) was changed to an online program because of the epidemic. The teachers have conducted online lessons since October. The lessons will last for four hours a week and for eight weeks. Please pray for the adaptations and attempts of the teachers and students so that the study and communication will not be obstructed by changes in the form of the lessons. Also ask the Lord to ensure the stability of the network speed.