Prayer Request (2020.10)

Benevolent Deed: In the midst of the pandemic, most unregistered churches in the Mainland have all their meetings suspended. This resulted in many pastoral staff losing their income, making life very difficult. Some even have to take a second job to continue their pastoral ministry. In response, FEBC Hong Kong initiated a Benevolent Deed in July, and raised among our staff about RMB80,000 to aid this group of needy pastors. May the Lord be pleased with this humble offering, and continue to supply these pastors’ every need.

New Media Platform: In drafting next year’s ministry plan, coincidentally teams both Mainland and Local Ministry suggested venturing into the increasingly popular Podcast, that we can reach a different group of listeners. And for next year, Radio Liangyou will create a new brand-name as an attempt to cater our broadcast to the youthful generation, and the platform used is none other than Podcasting. Soooradio, whose target audience is Cantonese-speaking population in Hong Kong, will also make good use of Podcasting to draw closer to a new pack. Please pray for our efforts in spreading the gospel via the different platforms.

The Ways of the Pastors: Due to the pandemic, the ongoing seminars in training pastoral staff from China will be replaced with online video classes for 2 months beginning in October. Please remember the adjustment needed to the new virtual venue—both for students and teachers. Pastoral staff are hard hit during the pandemic, pray fervently for them.