China News & Prayer (2020.10.11-17)

Practice Patience

“I have had headaches, cervical spondylosis, and insomnia for one year and four months, during which I barely read the Bible or prayed. Despite all the disability and discomfort, I have kept on listening to your programs. In my illness, God helps me learn to be patient. I am afraid my imperfection would fall short of the glory of God; I therefore need to double my efforts in the future. In the past ten days, the pain at my head and cervical vertebrae has worsened, especially during nighttime. In view of the rapid stiffening of my cervical vertebrae, I planned to visit a doctor in Tianjin. My husband is 83 years old, physically weak; he got severe constipation while his wobbly legs and foot pain make him hard to walk.”

(Sister Ma, Hebei Province)

  • May the Lord heal Sister Ma’s illness. Pray that her pain can be alleviated, and she be empowered to get close to the Lord and care for her senior beloved husband. May the Lord remember them.

Underground Surrogacy Market

Despite the illegality of surrogacy, its needs and benefits have contributed to a long-standing underground industry. The chain of surrogacy industry consists of the demander, the surrogate company, the egg donor, the surrogate mother, the doctor, and the hospital that issues birth certificates. The child is a manufactured “commodity” whom one can choose its gender, single or multiple births. In addition to the needs caused by infertility or loss of an only child, some homosexuals who dream of having children can also be realized through surrogacy. A number of surrogacy companies stated that as a result of the epidemic, the search for surrogacy abroad has been blocked, causing a significant increase in intermediary orders for domestic surrogacy. Some companies have even launched “sure-win and gender-inclusive” package for RMB 880,000.

(“The Paper”, September 9, 2020)

  • Behind these “sure-win” promises are the chaos such as egg exchange and concealment of fetal disease. These commercial surrogacy activities are challenging the moral ethics of the public. Pray for God’s mercy on people’s waywardness.

Refuse to Eat

“Thankful to Radio Liangyou that I have learnt a lot after listening to your programs for more than a year. Thank God for giving me two sons. The elder one came to Shanghai to live with me in April last year and is now studying in a vocational high school. But he dislikes my cooking. When he first came to Shanghai, he ate steamed buns for breakfast and fried rice with eggs at night. After a long time, he prefers eating junk food to those I cooked. He now takes breakfast, lunch and dinner all at school. Eventually he was tested as malnourished. I may not be that good at cooking, but I am not a hotel chef after all! What should I do?”

(Audience “The Troubled”)

  •  May the Lord grant “The Troubled” wisdom and love in her communication with her son. May she be willing to learn different dishes and her son showing appreciation to her efforts in return. Taking good care to a family is always a challenge; may God help her.

A Sign Around the Neck

An old lady in Foshan, Guangdong had been caught nicking a bag of pork chops and was publicly shamed by putting a sign that read “Thief, Stole for the Third Time” around her neck. She was said to come to the store for groceries but secretly put the pork chops in her bag while paying for other items. This was the third time the old woman stole from the shop. The store had called in her family but had received no corresponding compensation or apologies. Having the consent of her family, the shop punished the old woman to warn the public against stealing. She was asked to sit in front of the supermarket with the sign for 10 minutes. This incident has attracted the attention of senior leaders, and the district government has also stepped in to coordinate the handling.

(“Xiaoxiang Morning News”, September 8, 2020)

  • People are only concerned about the wrongs of stealing and punishment for the elderly. Perhaps there were other psychological or neurological reasons to lead to her multiple thefts. May the government officials pay attention to the family relationship and physical well-being of elderly.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Protected by the Lord: So far, all our staff are safe amid the epidemic. In order to comply with the anti-epidemic measures, our staff were arranged to work from home for the past period, except for maintaining necessary operations. Our Mainland and local broadcasts have been run as usual during the epidemic. Please pray that the Heavenly Father will use the broadcast programs and messages to let more listeners receive the salvation and hope.
  2. Podcast Ministry: Radio Liangyou has been working hard in the gospel broadcasting for 71 years. We hope to create a new ministry via Podcast with a new brand name! This new platform will serve a very different group of people – the new generation of intellectuals in the Mainland. Program production and operational testing will start soon and will be officially launched early next year. Ask God to spread the gospel more widely to different groups of people through this ministry.