Prayer Request (2020.08)

Broadcast as Usual: In complying with governmental guidelines, we allow them to work from home within this period of time, except vital procedures to maintain normal operations. By the grace of God, all our staff are continue to be safe. Our broadcasts, both to the Mainland and locally, have been kept up well. And surprisingly, the numbers of listeners and responses have gone up noticeably. Pray that the Lord will use the programs and messages in our broadcast, that more people listening may receive His salvation and hope.

Flooding in Mainland: Recent rainstorms in the southern Mainland China have turned into catastrophes, affecting millions of people in as many as 27 provinces – over 500,000 had to evacuate from their homes. Please pray earnestly for those suffering from the floods, and for all governmental rescue and reconstruction works.

LTS Students: Under the pandemic, thousands of LTS students continue to study diligently God’s words. Their persistence even in unfavorable circumstances have become a great encouragement to us. Please pray particularly for the students that are church pastors and leaders. May the Lord strengthen them in this challenging time of the pandemic, that they may stand firm and focus on their preaching and nurturing.

Evangelistic Programs: In abiding to our mandate to bring the gospel to our kinsmen in China, we designated our medium wave Radio Yiyou to be the evangelistic channel. After nearly an entire year of program revamping, the evangelistic content is now increased to about 40% of the whole! Pray that the Lord will use our efforts in evangelizing the now generation!