China News & Prayer (2020.08.23-31)

Grandma’s Prayer

“Grandma is a veteran believer and has never gone to school. Some people of our village think that she is very good at praying. If there is anything wrong with someone’s family and if anyone is sick, they will come to her for her prayer. Then she prays first and says that you have done this wrong or that wrong; what she says is very specific. Once I was ill and could not be healed; she said it was my father’s fault. Someone of our village had given birth to four daughters and wanted to have a son. My grandma said, ‘Do believe it, you will have a boy.’ But it turned out to be a girl. I know that she might have said according to her own feelings. I want to tell her that it is fine to offer someone a prayer, but she should not say too much. I think she will definitely feel very unbearable.”

(Sister Zheng)

  • Ask the Lord to help Sister Zheng know that the result of prayers rests with the Lord and not with the people. It is good to pray for others. It is also good to make people humble and teachable before the Lord.

Money Falling From the Sky

Recently, a citizen of Weihai City, Mr Lin, and his wife saw “money rain” falling from the sky. When the couple walked to their garage entrance, banknotes were falling like snow from the sky. The couple looked up and saw no one from upstairs. Then they started picking up the money. After counting, they found that the amount turned out to be a total of RMB$45,000. Keeping the money carefully, they waited for the money owner for three hours. They also asked several times by shouting to the upper floors, “Whose money has fallen?” But no one responded. So they reported to the police. The community police disseminated a claiming message and no one responded. Until the next day, a woman called back. She said she had hidden the money for paying her child’s school fees in the quilt and forgot to take it out while drying the quilt. So the scene of “money falling from the sky” occurred.

(“The Paper”, July 15, 2020)

  • During the period of the severe epidemic, such a good deed of returning money found can bring comfort and a positive impact to our society.

The Lord Loves Mosuo

An elderly Mosuo woman asked her granddaughter, “Who is God?” The granddaughter, who came to visit her family, replied, “God is our Father.” Then she told the visiting missionary, “My family will believe in God one day.” The Mosuo ethnic group has a population of about 40,000, inhabiting mainly the banks of Lugu Lake on the borders of Sichuan and Yunnan. This ethnic group is a matriarchal society. Mosuo women have no husbands and practice a “walking marriage” system-no husbands and wives. Men are not responsible for raising their children. Father is a difficult concept to understand. It was reported that the old woman heard the gospel from her niece who was led by a foreign teacher to believe in the Lord. The old woman has passed on her faith to her granddaughter. Believers among the ethnic group are still very rare.

  • The missionary has returned despite many difficulties. Pray that they can be protected and guided by the Lord serving them with love and patience despite limited resources. Also pray that they can move people’s hearts and that the door of the gospel can be opened to lead more people to the Lord.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Anniversary of Radio Liangyou: Radio Liangyou has experienced 71 years’ history. Thank God for preaching the gospel throughout China via radio waves and multiple media. In the past, there was a time for happiness and a time for sadness; a time for worry and a time for trust. No matter what the situation is, God is our strength and our shield. As long as we rely on Him, we will get help!
  2. Equipment Upgrade: We have moved to our current location for more than ten years. The equipment and the system of the studios have been operating well. Instability rarely occurs. In order to maintain the normal operation of our ministry, it is necessary to replace and upgrade our old equipment one after another. This is expected to involve a huge investment in the future. Please ask the Lord to offer us.