China News & Prayer (2020.07.25-31)

Learning A Lesson

Every lesson in life is a process of clearing and also a process of carrying. Clearing the darkness of my heart and the corruption of my body; and carrying Gods truth let me understand the truth of God more deeply. Salvation is based on proof and evidence. That is from knowing and believing in God to relying on God and experiencing His step-by-step faithful guidance. Establishing intimacy with God should be done through daily Bible reading and prayer. Through prayers can we cry out for God and call on Him. Learning has made me understand that as a Christian, obedience is so important. The obedience of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross has achieved the great salvation. I have to obey and follow the Lord, and let Him govern my life.

(Sister Tao from Shanghai City)

  • Sister Tao has profound comprehension through learning and understands the true meaning of faith. Please pray that she will enjoy the sweetness in the Lord, live out the model of the Lord and honor the name of the Lord.

A New Rule for Art Exam

In 2020, the number of applicants for the National College Entrance Examination is 10.71 million. The number of applicants for the art joint examination has reached 1.17 million. The score requirement of cultural subjects for art students is lower. So even if their college entrance examination scores are low, they will still be admitted to a good college. Therefore many people have turned their focus to the art examination. But the Ministry of Education has issued a notice that as to those students with excellent specialties, the requirement of lowering the cultural subject standard has been cancelled. Those art students with poor scores will not be able to enroll the colleges they want. The cases of art candidates being admitted to a college with their low scores may not happen in the future.

(“Tencent News Network”, June 12, 2020)

  • Students with artistic talent but poor academic performance have missed the opportunity of entering their favorite colleges. It is hoped that the educational circles can formulate educational programs suitable for multiple intelligences.

Rising to the Challenge

In the past outbreak of the COVID-19, many of the missionary workers serving ethnic minorities had to leave their posts. And now, some workers manage to return early to the communities they have served. It is understood that their way back to their posts is thorny. Most of them live and serve in an environment with insufficient sanitary measures. They need to pay special attention to epidemic prevention. Moreover, some workers note that in the light of the new monitoring measures such as health codes, there is impact on their ministries. They are required to be more cautious. The room for sharing the gospel shrinks again.

  • Missionary workers serving ethnic minorities are so willing to return to their posts amid so many difficulties. Ask the Lord to open the way for them. Please pray that the Lord will protect them in remote places so that they can serve neglected ethnic groups with love and patience despite limited resources. Also pray for the mercy of the Lord who will still prepare people’s hearts under the pressure and open the door of the gospel to lead more people back to the Lord.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Meetings with Partners: Under the influence of the epidemic, many meetings with our partners have been changed to online. We have actively overcome the time differences so that the development of the ministry has not stagnated. Radio Liangyou is conceiving a brand new channel for the future, bringing together young colleagues from various regions to reach out unbelievers with a new image. Please pray for our numerous meetings and the cooperation of ministry partners from various places.
  2. Curriculum Reform: In mid-May, the colleagues of Liangyou Theological Seminary held a brainstorming session to set goals for the future development, and to exchange views on the curriculum reform. These all directly affect the future operation, and arrangements of manpower and resources. Please pray for all follow-up work, especially the matters related to the reform of the curriculum and system. Ask the Lord to guide and give wisdom to all colleagues involved.