China News & Prayer (2020.07.18-24)

Forced Marriage 

My marriage was a plot of my husband and his parents. I was young and they tricked me to their place into a forced marriage. They then deceived and threatened me not to leave them. They are wicked, superstitious, and brutal! The year after I gave birth to a baby, I quarreled with my mother-in-law and she slapped me in my face. Moreover, I have been restlessly taking care of my baby alone, with no help from my husbands family. They were all having good time playing mahjong and games. I also experienced postpartum pains in the leg after delivery. The pain was fortunately gone. After knowing that I was coaxed into marriage, my relatives and friends persuaded me to leave this home. In fact, my husband is having an affair with someone who has also borne him a child.

 (Sister Tang)

  • May the Lord grant wisdom to Sister Tang on her marriage. For the future of her child and herself, may she overcome all these difficulties by putting her reliance on the Lord.


Heavy rain continues to impact provinces in the south. A days downpour in Guangxi was more than half a years rainfall of Beijing, causing 148 rivers to exceed the alarm level of flooding. As of June 13, 24 provinces including Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou, and Chongqing were particularly impacted: 7.759 million people affected, 63 people died or missing, more than 7,000 houses destroyed, 0.488 million people needed urgent resettlement, plus a direct economic loss of RMB19.58 billion. The number of casualties caused by flash floods accounted for about 70% of the total deaths caused by flooding. June to August is the most critical period for flood control. The meteorological department predicts that the precipitation patterns in China this year will be more north-south and less in the middle; and more flood than drought will be occurred overall.

(“Tencent News Network”, June 14, 2020)

  • Pray that the Lord will stop the downpour of rain. May the government effectively play its role on disaster relief and epidemic prevention.

Tumor Shrinks 

Mums tumor has undergone two MRI tests, all of which is good news! The tumor has shrunk by about 70%, and every drug used has been well targeted letting her spirit gradually to recover. I am more confident now, not out of myself, but by the strength of the Lord. I used to be a timid and introverted person, feeling upset most of the time. But by the grace of the Lord, I am getting strong enough to brave against the snares set by the wicked, although all the environment and people as well as their maliciousness kept unchanged. By the Lord, I am free. As the Bible says: The Lord delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear… Pray that my household can be saved and I am granted a deeper experience of the power of the Lord this year.

(Brother Guo)

  • Thank God that the tumor of Brother Guos mother is in control. Pray that Brother Guo can cope well with his life and family by his total reliance on God.

Composition Incident 

On June 4, a fifth grader of an elementary school ran out of the classroom and jumped to her death shortly after a writing class. Parents of the deceased blamed the teachers comment “giving out negative energy” on their childs writing. The teacher even slapped the child in the face last year because she would not attend her teachers self-run private classes. Parents said that their daughters composition was returned for correction repeatedly, and most of the writing content was circled in red, or simply crossed out. The child was eventually criticized for being too negative. It was questioned if something is wrong with the current teaching methods. But the teacher involved calmly explained that the markings were indeed made by the student herself.

(“Red Star Perspective”, June 16, 2020)

  • Please pray for our young kids for their ability to deal with adversities in life. Pray also for teachers teaching expertise and may this incident raise their alertness and attention on childrens emotional education.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Meetings with Partners: Under the influence of the epidemic, many meetings with our partners have been changed to online. We have actively overcome the time differences so that the development of the ministry has not stagnated. Radio Liangyou is conceiving a brand new channel for the future, bringing together young colleagues from various regions to reach out unbelievers with a new image. Please pray for our numerous meetings and the cooperation of ministry partners from various places.
  2. Curriculum Reform: In mid-May, the colleagues of Liangyou Theological Seminary held a brainstorming session to set goals for the future development, and to exchange views on the curriculum reform. These all directly affect the future operation, and arrangements of manpower and resources. Please pray for all follow-up work, especially the matters related to the reform of the curriculum and system. Ask the Lord to guide and give wisdom to all colleagues involved.